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What Causes Bad Taste in Mouth?

There are several reasons that cause bad taste in mouth. Listed down are a number of them, along with various treatments and home remedies.
Deeptee A Jun 10, 2019
We can taste and differentiate between the different flavors of food because of the taste buds which are present on your tongue, cheeks and the roof of your mouth, in huge numbers. They are nothing but nerve endings which allow us to comprehend the different flavors. This, combined with the sense of smell allows us to distinguish between the various foods.
Bad taste in mouth means that there is something wrong with these taste buds, and your sense of smell. Due to this, the food that you eat does not taste good, and sometimes tastes metallic. There are several causes of this, which are discussed here in detail.


» Medications- They are the main cause of bad taste. Too many antibiotics cause metallic taste in mouth. Neurological drugs, anti-thyroid drugs and zinc preparations are the top medicines that cause a metallic taste in mouth. A person experiencing this cannot enjoy any kind of food. This problem goes away a few days after the medications have stopped.
» Chemotherapy- Chemotherapy involves the use of strong medication, and hence the taste of the mouth becomes bad. The patient may experience bitterness in the mouth.
» Poor Oral Hygiene- It causes bad breath or halitosis. The sulfur molecules in the mouth break down when they come in contact with the bacteria, which leads to a stinking smell and a bad taste in the mouth. Food particles that are stuck in between the teeth rot, and lead to bad breath, and ultimately bad taste. Gum diseases are also equally responsible.
» Pregnancy-There are certain periods in pregnancy when the woman might get a bad taste in the mouth. This can be followed by continuous nausea and vomiting.
This is a common problem which disappears after a few days. Most of the time, it is a result of the hormonal imbalances. The thing to remember is to eat food in spite of it not tasting good, to avoid becoming weak.
» Acid Reflux- Acid reflux is another common cause of this problem.

» Fungal Infections in Mouth- Yeast infections and other fungal infections can be treated with antifungal creams and pills. But till the time they are completely cured, they cause an abnormal taste in the mouth, and also result in bad breath.
» Medical Issues- A person suffering from medical issues like neck cancer, injuries to the head, throat, or mouth usually experiences this problem. It is difficult to say when the person will start tasting the food properly, as it will depend on the severity of the issue, and also on the various types of medications that the person is taking.
Nasal problems like a sinus infection, a common cold, or a runny nose are also medical issues which rob the sense of smell. According to doctors, there are several medical conditions that lead to a bad taste after eating. This is also a temporary problem.


Those conditions that cause bitter taste temporarily, are easy to treat. If the person is suffering from a fungal infections, then eating yogurt might help in decreasing the bad taste. If it is the result of medications, then the person can ask for alternative medications.
Chewing on peppermints or mint is an option for the pregnant ladies. However, it should not be done continuously. Brushing the tongue while brushing the teeth is also helpful. This will not only help in getting rid of the bad breath but will make the bad taste more bearable.
Regular flossing helps to avoid bad breath and taste. Regular dental check ups help to keep up the oral hygiene. A mixture of water with baking soda and salt, when used for gargling everyday helps to reduce the bad taste.
Juices of citrus fruits also help to flush away the bitter taste by producing more saliva. Cinnamon, fennel seeds, and cloves provide temporary relief.
As you can see, there are several causes of this problem. Proper dental care and oral hygiene will help to get rid of this bad taste. There is nothing to worry because this is a temporary problem, which will go away after some time.