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What Is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Modern Times Nov 04, 2019
Short term insurance is basically designed to fill time gaps. Also known as limited-duration insurance, short-term health insurance provides coverage during set periods of time that people experience a gap in their health insurance coverage.

Why People Might Need Short-Term Health Insurance

There are many reasons someone may not have health insurance for a short-period of time. You may be between jobs or recently graduated. It is also commonly utilized by people who age off their parents’ health insurance.

How Do I Get Short-Term Health Insurance?

You can get online short term insurance quotes from companies like Health Insurance, which provide quotes through their website. You will need to provide personal contact and health information when applying for a quote on insurance.

How Much Does Short-Term Health Insurance Cost?

Like any health insurance, short-term health insurance is going to vary greatly based on the company you choose and personal factors used to generate a quote. The personal factors will include items such as your age, gender, and whether or not you are a smoker.

Benefits of Short-Term Health Insurance

Benefits of short-term insurance can be substantial. If you are in between jobs or recently lost your health insurance, it is the only way to get health coverage you need for the short time period. Short-term health insurance is also ideal if you get a temporary position like a summer job that requires you to have insurance.

How Long Can I Have Short-Term Health Insurance?

The length of the policy for short-term health insurance can vary, but it is an option for up to three years. This may be ideal if you are unsure how long you are going to need it, or if plans change. For example, maybe you thought you would be in a new job with insurance in six months, but it doesn’t work out. You can renew your policy to keep it longer.
Short-term health insurance provides the needed coverage during gaps in health care. While it is not a long-term solution to being uninsured, it will provide you with a safety net while you pursue a long-term solution to your situation.