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Bruised Spleen Symptoms

Bruised Spleen Symptoms

Bruised spleen symptoms are not very clear, resulting in late diagnosis of the condition. Noticeable ones include abdominal pain, soreness in the abdomen, localized back pain, and low blood pressure amongst others.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
The spleen is a crucial organ of the immune system, responsible for preventing infections. It is located on the upper left side of the body, below the diaphragm (in the 9-12 ribs). Its susceptibility to injury is partly because of its position in the abdomen. Prior to discussing the bruised spleen symptoms, let's take a look at the important roles, which it plays in the overall functioning of the body.


This organ is a component of the lymphatic system. Until birth, it is crucial for production of blood cells. Whereas in adults, it does the main function of producing antibodies, getting rid of old RBCs (red blood cells), and digesting foreign substances. Any abnormality related to it can lead to medical conditions, which may be manifested as mild to severe signs. Some common disorders are unusual enlargement (splenomegaly), bruising, damaged tissues, and a ruptured spleen.


Damage or injury to this organ is a cause of medical concern, considering its role in the proper functioning of the body.. The prime reason for a bruised spleen is physical injury or a direct blow to the area. Also, it is prone to damage when it is in the enlarged state, particularly during the episode of an infection. A concerning issue with this disorder is that it usually remains asymptomatic. This is because spleen functions along with other organs to fight infections.

Abdominal Pain

Pain in the upper left side of the abdomen is a notable sign. With passing time and in case of severe injury, abdominal pain may radiate to other parts of the body, including the left shoulder and left chest. Some patients report difficulty in breathing.

Soreness in Abdomen

Tenderness in the abdominal area is a common sign as well. At the time of physical examination, the doctor can feel soreness and tenderness in the abdomen. Although it is not a sure sign for bruising, the doctor considers it along with other suspected signs, for supporting diagnosis.

Back Pain

Back pain and swelling are felt in a localized portion, specially in the lower left side. Many people complain of lower back pain, but that does not mean that they have this condition. However, the signs are confirmed, if back pain in the specific area is observed after a hard blow in the left abdomen.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Gradual dropping in blood pressure may be an indication of this disorder. At the time of blunt trauma to the left side of the body, bleeding may occur profusely, resulting in low blood pressure. The related signs include gastrointestinal conditions, ranging from a mild, nauseated feeling and dizziness to frequent vomiting.

Shock-like Signs

Bruising this organ can lead to internal bleeding. Also, since it takes part in producing blood cells, the injury will disturb the normal blood circulation. Considering these, a patient may manifest shock-like signs, such as pale skin, low blood pressure, and rapid heart rate.

In case of you suspect that you have a bruised spleen, it is imperative to take immediate medical attention. Along with physical examination, the doctor performs imaging test and blood work for diagnosis. For serious cases, the doctor may consider removing the organ by a surgical procedure, called splenectomy. While people still survive with this condition, they are at a higher risk of getting infections than others.

Disclaimer: This HealthHearty article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.