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Burning Hands Sensation

Burning Hands Sensation
There could be any one of a hundred reasons as to why a person may experience a burning sensation in hands. However, it mostly has to do with either bad circulation or a neurological irregularity.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
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Though a constant burning in hands is mostly found in the elderly, it is also noticed in younger folks. Not only is such a sensation disruptive when it comes to the daily routine of a person, but it also disturbs the sleeping pattern thus resulting in stress and anxiety. Burning hands symptoms are generally accompanied by swelling of the hands which may be indicative of a severe inflammatory illness that should get diagnosed as soon as possible, as the factors that cause burning hands are numerous.
How is it Caused?
You need to first identify the nature of the sensations, because it may also be temporary such as that from your foot or hand 'falling asleep', or of a more chronic nature which will demand medical intervention. Explained below are some of the prime reasons that can give rise to burning or tingling hands symptoms. These causes actually have no connection with each other but they do display the same symptom as being a predominant one. Here are the possible causes of burning hands.
Burning Hands Syndrome
There is an abnormal condition wherein a tingling, burning, and numbness of hands or certain parts of the hands like the fingers, fingertips, forearm, or upper arm are experienced. This syndrome appears as a result of a major cervical spine injury and abnormality. An MRI scan and X-rays are effective ways of getting this syndrome diagnosed.
Several inflammatory diseases like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis can lead to a hands burning kind of sensation. Arthritis of the hands is one of the prime culprits that may cause a burning sensation in the hands along with a similar feeling all over the body or the other arthritis affected body parts. It is one of the reasons why adults and the elderly usually complain of a burning sensation in hands.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition that can cause burning sensations in the hands along with inflammation of the fingertips. It is most of the time accompanied by wrist pain and the inability to move the hands and perform day-to-day activities. This syndrome is caused due to damage to the median nerve.
Multiple Sclerosis
One of the rarest amongst the list of autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis is a dangerous disease of the central nervous system that can cause a burning hand. In this medical condition, the nervous system starts to lose control over the body parts, especially the limbs, where inflammation could be one of its symptoms.
Spinal Stenosis
Spinal stenosis is a medical condition arising from the narrowing of the spinal canal which compresses the spinal cord. This condition allows the narrowing canal to apply pressure on particular nerves that may cause pain and burning, depending on which nerve is affected. An MRI scan, CAT scan and X-ray are the best diagnostic methods.
Vitamin Deficiency
Might be considered as minimally responsible, but vitamin deficiency can also lead to inflammation of the body parts and a burning sensation in hands. Deficiency of vitamin B complex, vitamin A and vitamin E can lead to this medical condition that is most often ignored until it turns dangerous and uncontrollable.
A person suffering from mild to severe anxiety may actually show several physical anxiety symptoms, in which a sensation of one's hands seeming to feel abnormal may be experienced. Nervousness, restlessness and lack of concentration is also accompanied with the burning hands. However, not all patients suffer from this sensation.
Other Causes
Side-effects of antidepressants and other medication, Raynaud's syndrome, ulnar nerve dysfunction, infection, trauma or injury in the arms and hands, night sweats, heart attack, stroke, etc., are some other reasons that may also cause this to happen in most people.
Treatment and Pain Relief
People suffering from this condition must strictly seek proper medical intervention and get the correct cause diagnosed, so as to figure out what is to be done. The doctor is the best person to judge the reason behind this sensation and suggest the remedy for the same. However, you need to know that it might take you several visits for your doctor to diagnose your condition correctly. He may even refer you to a neurologist.
On the evaluation of the cause, the course of treatment will initiate immediately. Treatment might also involve administering injections that numb the tissues of the burning region to provide relief for the time being. A spinal cord stimulator, an internal pain pump to work on the spinal cord, steroids, bone loss medication, several blood pressure medication, and surgery, as the final solution, may be suggested by the doctor.
As discussed earlier, the two most common reasons that may bring about this sensation are bad circulation and an affected nerve. The burning sensation may most probably be the inflammation that's a response to any of the conditions. This is quite a serious condition. Hence, it requires immediate medical attention for quick relief and diminution of subsequent health risks.