Foods to Avoid on Candida Diet

People who are suffering from candidiasis have to follow a strict diet. However, not many know about what foods to avoid on candida diet. Hence, this article will give a complete list of avoidable foods for this condition.
HealthHearty Staff
Candida is a group of microscopic yeast, that are naturally found in the human body, especially in areas like the throat, mouth, digestive tract, skin, rectum, and vagina. Among the twenty different types of yeast present in the body, the most common one is called the candida albicans. Normally, these fungi are not harmful. However, sometimes they begin to multiply, giving rise to candidiasis or yeast infection in the person. One of the most common reasons for the occurrence of this disease is a weakened immune system. People who have to consume strong antibiotics, while getting treated for certain kind of diseases, may also develop this condition. The symptoms include skin irritation, cognitive problems, fatigue, abdominal pain, etc. People diagnosed with this problem have to follow a strict diet plan, because they have to eat foods that aid in destroying the yeast from the body. Moreover, it is necessary for them to know about the foods to avoid, because eating the wrong food may cause the fungi to multiply easily, thus aggravating the problem.
What to Avoid While on Candida Diet
The list is very long, and includes all the foods that people like to indulge in. Hence, it may seem difficult to avoid them. Moreover, a person on a candida diet craves for these foods, because the yeast needs the supply of such foods, to thrive in the body. Hence, people should put in their best efforts to avoid the foods that are mentioned below.
Sugar: Sugar is the most important thing that has to be excluded from your diet during the treatment for candidiasis. This is, because it is the biggest culprit which helps the production of yeast in the body. Therefore, you have to avoid everything that contains sugar, including brown sugar, date sugar, maple sugar, honey, white sugar, maple syrup, rice syrup, corn syrup, etc. Even fruits that contain natural sugars have to be eliminated from your diet. Any type of fruit or juice, be it fresh, dried, canned, or frozen, can help in the growth of yeast. Some think that sweeteners or sugar-free substitutes are safe. However, these too cause the yeast to grow and multiply. Therefore, check the label before buying any food product, and if you find things like fructose, sucrose, glucose, lactose, etc., in the ingredient list, avoid it.
Alcohol: Alcohol contains a high level of sugar. People suffering from candida have to avoid it completely. Alcoholic beverages like brandy, gin, vodka, white or red wine, whiskey, scotch, etc., have the ability to manifold the fungi present in the body. People who drink very frequently, will have to stop it totally.
Caffeine: You may need that cup of coffee early in the morning before you begin your busy routine. However, if you are affected by yeast infection, you will have to sacrifice this till you get cured completely. Along with being a stimulant to boost the mind, caffeine also has the ability to boost the growth of fungi. Therefore, it is important to cut down on such stimulants.
Chocolates: People find it very difficult to avoid this food item. If you normally have a sweet tooth, the craving will definitely increase when you are suffering from candidiasis. However, you have to be determined, and keep telling yourself that chocolates are bad for your health.
Foods Containing Yeast and Gluten: Foods that are made using nutritional yeast, like breads, muffins, crackers, pastries, etc., should not be consumed by people who have yeast infection. The yeast in the body feeds on these, and thus, multiply in number. People suffering from yeast infection may also be sensitive to foods that contain gluten. Hence, it is best to avoid glutenous foods like barley, wheat, pasta, and rye.
Nuts and Condiments: Nuts, especially peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, etc., have a mold in them, which can cause the growth of the fungi. Hence, an individual suffering from yeast infection should refrain from eating them. Condiments like horseradish, mayonnaise, relish, soy sauce, ketchup, etc., should also be avoided, as they have a high content of sugar in them.
Apart from these foods, you also have to refrain from having cheese, and foods that are very spicy. Instead, indulge in lots of fresh vegetables. Also, it is advisable to avoid mushrooms, because they help the yeast to thrive. Like most people, you may be thinking that you are deprived of delicious food while on a candida diet. However, once you notice the positive changes, you will begin to love this diet. Moreover, you do not have to avoid these foods for a long time. If you follow the diet carefully, and be determined to avoid the foods that are forbidden, you will definitely get cured of candida. Also, don't overlook the fact that you still have foods like chicken, beef, eggs, and fish for their protein content. Not all is lost now, is it?
Disclaimer: This HealthHearty article is solely for informative purpose and not intended to replace the advice of medical experts.