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Dental Implants Average Cost

Average Cost of Dental Implants and Factors That Affect It

Thinking of replacing your missing teeth with a permanent solution like dental implants? Wondering how deep a hole it will burn in your pocket? Scroll down to get an idea about dental implants average cost.
Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Dental implants are one of the most sought after treatment options for missing teeth. Implants can also be used to support dentures (as in over-dentures). The dental implant procedure makes use of titanium screws that are fitted into drilled sockets in the jawbone. Prosthetic crowns are then placed on top of the screws. This procedure is to be followed by continuous and meticulous dental care to ensure its success. It is an extremely effective and convenient one-time treatment option, which helps to do away with removable partial dentures and bridges altogether. Most patients and dentists prefer opting for implants for one or two missing teeth (provided the bone density is at an optimum level). Normally, the cost of a basic implant would range from $1200 to $3000. However, depending on various other procedures involved, the price can shoot up to $30,000! The different factors responsible for the rise in spending include the cost of the material, dentist's charges and laboratory charges.
Factors Affecting the Average Cost of Dental Implants
Information about the factors influencing the expenditure on these procedure can be found in short, in the following paragraphs.
Number of implants
The cost can vary depending on the number of implants that are being fitted into a patient's mouth. More the number, greater is the cost.
Type of implants
The cost can vary depending on the type of implant screw used. There are three kinds of screws available - conventional one is the root form implant, where the implant resembles root of the tooth being replaced. In case of narrow jawbones, a plate-form implant is placed. And if there is deficient bone height, then using the subperiosteal implant proves to be a wise option. So, depending on the type of implant being used, the cost can differ. Let us now get into the details of types of prosthesis, bone graft and surgical procedures through subsequent paragraphs.
Type of bone graft used
The cost can also vary depending on the kind and amount of dental implant bone grafting done and the material used.
Type of prosthesis
The type of final prosthesis (crown) fitted on top of the screw can be made only after specific shade matching and other meticulous procedures, thereby increasing the average cost.
Surgical procedures prior to implants
Some patients may need to get surgical procedures done prior to fitting implants; examples of such procedures include the bone regeneration procedures, removal of any fibrous growths which may be present, or any other unanticipated problems that may crop up during the final implant fitting surgical procedure. All these procedures further add to the cost.
These are just a few factors which affect the average cost of implants. The dental implants are normally not covered under dental insurance, as they fall under cosmetic dentistry, hence, the patient may have to bear the cost all by himself. There are however, few insurance companies that agree to cover part of the treatment cost. A cheaper alternative could be availing of dental tourism. Many countries like India and Mexico are well-known for their cheap, yet quality dental services.
If a dentist is offering you an extremely low-priced implant, there might be more to it than meets the eye, as there is a plethora of dental implant failure causes. All said and done, one needs to do his or her homework to ensure that he/she is availing the right kind of implants at the right price.