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Detox Diet for Gallstones

Detox Diet for Gallstones

Following a detox diet for gallstones would definitely help you flush out gallstones naturally from the body. People who want to opt for the natural way of getting rid of gallstones will find this article very useful.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2018
According to a recent study, more than 1.2 million Americans will opt for gallbladder surgery this year. The reason people opt for gallbladder surgery is because they want to get rid of gallstones which are filling up the gallbladder and causing uneasiness and pain. But did you know that gallbladder surgery can be avoided if you decide to take care of this situation naturally? Gallstones are basically lumps or stones which gather in the gallbladder or bile conduct. A gallstone is a concretion in the gallbladder or the bile conduct which is a mixture of cholesterol, calcium, water, calcium and bilirubin. Humans can have just one, two or suffer from almost 20 of them. Approximately 2 in 10 Americans suffer from gallstones, but most of them are unaware that they have them. It's only when they start suffering from severe pain in the abdomen, they realize something is really wrong. People who suffer from gallstones are also victim of nausea and indigestion, most people who live with gallbladder pain find it very difficult to lead normal lives.

Gallstones Detox Diet

Opting for a detox diet for gallstones is a natural and effective way of removing gallstones from your gallbladder and liver. This diet cleanses the liver bile ducts and gradually purifies the blood steam by making the liver cleaner. You can do this detox diet in your home on a weekend. Make sure you consult your physician before going for this diet. The good news about this diet that it doesn't have any side effects or allergies as all the ingredients are natural. Cleansing the liver bile ducts is the best thing that you can do to improve your body's health and be free from gallstones. This diet should be taken thrice a year if possible.

Step 1

Before going for the detox diet, its best if you if you start drinking homemade fresh apple juice three days before. Make sure in these three days you eat food in frugal quantities. You food should consist of fresh vegetable salads or fresh fruits. Avoid store bought juice or apple concentrate, only homemade fresh apple juice works. The pectin in the apple juice helps to soften the stones accumulated in the bladder and the liver. This procedure also helps in making a smooth passage through bile ducts.

Before going to Step 2 here are some ingredients which you will need; Epsom Salts (4 tbsp), Olive Oil ¾ cup, Fresh homemade grape and lemon juice ½ cup each, ½ tsp of vitamin C powder.

Step 2

This is the main cleansing routine. Make sure you choose a Saturday for doing this bladder cleanse so that you can relax on a Sunday. Avoid consuming any pills or medications as they can hinder the process of the cleanse. Remember to have a no fat, fruit breakfast and a fat free lunch. Have cereals with fruit but avoid milk or milk products. This builds up more pressure on the liver which forces the bladder to push out more stones.

Now remember, don't eat or drink anything after 3:00 PM. At 2:45 PM take the 4 tbsp of Epsom salts and mix in 3 cups of water, also add ½ tsp of vitamin C powder. Divide this mixture into 4 cups, which makes it ¾ cup each. Cover all these cups and place them in the fridge for cooling. At 7:00 PM take out the first cup of Epsom salt mixture and drink it. You can certainly drink some water to get rid of that taste.

Now at 9:00 PM drink one more cup of Epsom salt liquid. You haven't eaten since 3:00 PM but you won't feel hungry. Make sure you complete all your chores before. You shouldn't be late for the next session.

At 9:45 take a pint jar and pour ¾ cup of olive oil. Now also add juices of grapefruit and lemon to the oil. Shake well and you will see a watery solution. Drink this solution exactly at 10:00 PM. Now it is best if you go to sleep and let the solution do its job. As soon as you wake up drink your 3rd cup of Epsom salt solution. If you think you have nausea or indigestion, wait until you are all right and then drink it. After 2 hours, drink the last cup of Epsom salt solution on an empty stomach. Make sure you have regular, but light, food the entire day.

Going for a detox diet is the best way to flush out gallstones naturally. People who suffer from gallstones usually go for surgery which is not a good option. After all, every surgery comes with lots of after effects. If you still have any doubts about this diet, you can consult our dietitian or nutritionist to be sure.