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Diet for Leukemia Patients

Diet for Leukemia Patients

Leukemia or blood cancer is one of the most difficult forms of cancer to treat. A diet for leukemia patients may prove to be helpful.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Leukemia is a cancer of blood cells. In this disease, the white blood cells start growing at an uncontrollable rate. Bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, radiation are some standard cancer treatments for leukemia. However, a special anti leukemia diet, which originated in Yugoslavia also has certain benefits. Reportedly, this diet has cured several people diagnosed with this disease. The best part about this diet is that you can start it as a supplement to standard cancer treatments. Although the efficacy of this diet form in curing leukemia can be questioned, there is still no doubt that this diet is completely healthy and poses no risk to anyone. Let us understand in detail all about leukemia diet foods.

Diet for Leukemia Patients

Leukemia patients have an immensely compromised immune system. They are extremely susceptible to various infections and diseases. Besides, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy are emotionally draining for patients. This is a phase in which the patient feels very gloomy and is upset about his or her appearance. They may start counting their days and may have a doubt regarding their treatments. This mindset is very detrimental for a patient's recovery.

Leukemia dietary restrictions prevent these people from eating anything unhealthy. The foods they consume must be able to ward off the infections. A healthy diet comprising fresh foods is generally helpful for all cancer patients. Not only such a diet strengthens their immunity, but it also gives them the much required boost of energy and keeps their spirits elevated, so that they respond to the cancer treatments in a better way. A healthy diet makes a person stronger from the inside. It may not have a direct impact on the cancer cells, but it assists in curing cancer anyway. A positive attitude goes a long way in curing cancer. Due to high spirits, a person often shows a very good response to treatment. This is pivotal in the overall improvement of his health.

Leukemia patients are encouraged to eat a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. They should also eat whole grains, legumes and a lot of plant protein. Low fat animal protein sources such as poultry and fish are also healthy. A macrobiotic diet is another name for cancer diet. This diet eliminates all the dairy products, caffeine drinks, soda, alcohol from your daily diet. Unhealthy, refined foods must also be avoided under all circumstances. Besides, one must also refrain from eating sweet, processed foods. A healthy diet for leukemia sufferers does not allow for temptations or indulgence.

Effectiveness of Leukemia Diet

As mentioned above, leukemia diet does not directly influence cancer cells. When this diet was first introduced, medical practitioners did not believe on its miraculous effects. The recovery of cancer patients was largely attributed to spontaneous remission rather than the effectiveness of the diet. However, the large number of patients who shared their recovery stories forced the medical community to see this diet form in a better light. While the direct link between this diet and cancer cure is yet to be established, some medical practitioners have already started recommending this diet to their patients as they see no harm in it.

Although, a healthy diet is very much a necessity for these patients, there are other factors that need to be considered as well. For instance, fresh fruits and vegetables that are sprayed with pesticides can do more harm than good to cancer patients. Hence, it is a must that you thoroughly wash them before use. Relying on organic foods is the best solution. Besides, you must also follow healthy cooking practices to keep infections and contamination at bay.

Thus, a healthy diet can indeed bring about positive changes in the life of a cancer patient. However, one must understand that it is important to continue the diet even after you have attained a full recovery. Leukemia has a tendency to return, hence it is best that you do not take any chances with your diet.
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