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Ear Drops Over the Counter

Ear Drops Over the Counter

In the initial stages of ear infections, one can use ear drops over the counter (OTC) to decrease pain, swelling and to control the infection.
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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Ear aches and infections are common among kids and regular swimmers. Usually, use of OTC ear drops is the first line of treatment to relieve ear discomfort. As ear infections occur as a consequence of bacterial invasion, use of antibiotics is an age-old remedy to destroy the bacteria. Antibiotic ear drops ensure that the bacterial infection remains localized and does not spread deep into the ear.
Antibiotic Ear Drops Over the Counter

Swim Ear: Initial treatment for ear infection pain can begin with swim ear drops. These ear drops can help to unclog the ear and kill the germs. These antiseptic ear drops are commonly recommended to treat ear infections.
Auro Dri: Water entering inside the ear during swimming is many times responsible for causing bacterial growth. Bacteria thrive in moist environment and so drying the ear is essential to manage and get rid of this infection. Auro ear drops suck the water trapped inside the ear, thus making it dry. The dryness in ear stops bacteria from spreading as well as helps to kill the microbes.
Star Otic: Achieving dry ear is also possible through Star-Otic ear drops. As we all know, the dampness in ear canal leads to colonization of bacteria. So, to free the ear from this unwanted moisture, one can always rely on these ear drops. Star Otic ear drops are primarily made up of isopropyl alcohol and anhydrous glycerin. Isopropyl alcohol causes the clogged water to disappear, and also destroys the bacterial growth. Upon administering a couple of Star Otic drops daily, one will notice that the ear discomfort fades away in a matter of few days.
Auro Earache Relief: When ear pain occurs suddenly, one can also trust these homeopathic ear drops. This homeopathic remedy is a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents. Moreover, they also contain chamomile that helps in removing moisture from ear. Adults and even children who are more than 4 months old can use these ear drops.
Olive Oil Ear Drops: Olive oil (that displays antibacterial activity) manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies is specifically designed to get rid of accumulated wax. Hearing problems are often a result of buildup of wax, which often becomes difficult to remove as it becomes hard over a period of time. Just 1 or 2 drops of olive oil everyday and within a week one is likely to experience softening of earwax, making it easier to remove the debris. Ear drops containing 100% natural extra virgin olive oil can work wonders to clear the blockages arising from buildup of earwax.
Earex Plus Ear Drops: Earache due to inflammation of the middle ear can also be treated with these OTC drops. The inflamed middle ear due to an infection often causes moderate to severe pain. To relieve this discomfort, using Earex Plus ear drops is a good option. An important constituent of Earex Plus is choline salicylate that displays anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it contains glycerol that is very effective in taking out accumulated wax. Glycerol softens the wax to facilitate its removal.
Cerumol Ear Drops: Thanks to cerumol ear drops, wax removal has never been so easy before. Its active ingredients chlorobutanol and peanut oil work together to make the wax soft. Once, the clogged earwax loosens up, removing it from ear canal is no big deal. People allergic to peanuts or those suffering from infection of the ear canal, however should stay away from this medicine.
Numbing Ear Drops Over the Counter

As aforementioned, ear infections can be a cause of great discomfort. In order to reduce the pain associated with ear infections, instilling ear drops that act as numbing agents are recommended. The main intention of formulating such type of ear drops is to arrest the discomfort and pain. These numbing ear drops are sold under the following popular brands:
Auralgan: Middle ear infections are extremely painful but an easy way to numb the pain is to use auralgan ear drops. This is because, they act as local anesthetics. So, their application impairs the sensation of the ear, which in turn reduces the pain. However, people with a damaged eardrum should refrain from using Auralgam.
Aurodex: Aurodex ear drops have also been quite effective to alleviate pain arising from ear infections. The two main constituents of aurodex are benzocaine (a numbing medication) and antipyrine (pain-killer). In United States, it might not be possible to buy this medication without showing a doctor's prescription but in other countries like Canada, it is available over-the-counter.
How to Use

The usage given below is applicable to ear drops that are formulated to get rid of excessive moisture in the ear. It is given below:
Shake the bottle well before applying the ear drops. Now, put 2-3 drops in the water clogged ear. Let these medicated ear drops remain inside the ear for some time. As the drops come in contact with the trapped water, it helps in clearing the ear. While putting those ear drops, make sure your head is bent sideways. Let your head remain tilted for some time before you finally resume your daily routine.

A point to note here is that over-the-counter ear drops are effective only when the infection is minor and has not affected the eardrum. If you are not getting any relief, even after using these OTC drops for 2 days, contact an ENT specialist immediately. Infection that has damaged or perforated the eardrum certainly won't respond to these OTC ear drops.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.