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Foods for Diabetics with High Blood Pressure

Foods for Diabetics with High Blood Pressure

Diabetes, along with high blood pressure can pose a dilemma for people. What are they supposed to eat if neither salt nor sugar? That's the question we'll answer in this article.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Diabetes: Diabetics are advised to stay away from a lot of sugary foods in order to maintain the level of glucose within the blood stream of the body. By regulating the sugar level, the level of energy in the body gets regulated too.

High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is a condition in which the force with which blood flows through the blood vessels increases. This can lead to heart disease and other ailments as well. Foods with excess salts in them are what people suffering from high blood pressure are often told to avoid.

But the real mind-boggling question arises when a person suffers from both, diabetes and high blood pressure. Many may think that there are very few options as far as their diet is concerned. But they will be pleasantly surprised to know that there are still quite a few food items that they can consume. This HealthHearty article will tell you all about them.

What Foods can Diabetics with High Blood Pressure Eat?

In this section, we have for you some options that you can explore for your diet, if you are diabetic and also have a tendency of high blood pressure. The first thing that you need to remember is that both the conditions are subject to change because of the food that you eat. Eating right, is one of the most important ways to keep your glucose level and your blood pressure in check. So follow a healthy diet with foods that will help you keep your sugar and pressure levels in check.

Yes, you read that right. High blood pressure does mean that you need to control your intake of fats, but that is mainly saturated fats. Saturated fats can be very harmful to the body, because they tend to clog the blood vessels. Hence, a good way to control your blood pressure and also eat healthy at the same time is to use oils like olive oil, avocado oil, etc., which are low in their fat content, to cook your food. You don't have to completely stop eating fried foods, but you must control the urge to binge.

Carbohydrates are an essential source of energy in our bodies. Basically, carbohydrates are the delicious starchy foods that we simply love. These carbs, however, contribute to a rising sugar level in the body and also to high blood pressure, if taken in large quantities. Hence, it is very important to control the level of carbs that enter your blood stream. Too much can take your sugar level soaring, and too less can weaken your blood vessels. Eat simple foods like cereal, crackers, fresh fruits, potatoes (in small amounts) and greens, in order to maintain a good balance of energy in your body.

Low Cholesterol
Another thing that both diabetics and people with high blood pressure need to keep an eye on, is the amount of cholesterol they consume. Foods with high levels of cholesterol are ones that diabetics and people with high blood pressure should avoid. Among low cholesterol foods, you will find a lot of vegetables and fruits that will keep your heart and blood healthy. Another food option is foods made from whole grain like breads, porridges, etc. Nuts are another safe option that you can try out. As far as milk is concerned, opt only for low-fat dairy and dairy products.

When you consume protein, you by default, consume saturated fats which are harmful for both diabetes and high blood pressure. Hence, you should make sure that the amount of protein that you consume can easily be converted into energy. Meat is a rich source of protein, but for diabetics and people with high blood pressure, it is recommended to consume only lean meat, to reduce the amount of protein and consequently, fat. For the protein content from milk, you should consume only low-fat, skimmed milk. This does not take away the nutrients, but ensures a low level of fat. Apart from these, poultry and eggs are also a great source of proteins, which can help both conditions. Alternate between poultry and eggs, beans and lentils and lean meats for wholesome protein rich meals.

Before you go on any kind of diet, make it a point to consult your dietitian. Since both these conditions can get adversely affected by the intake of wrong foods, it is always safe to confirm if the foods you plan to eat are safe or not. Any nutrient consumed in excess can lead to health problems. Hence, the best thing to do is consume all nutrients in moderation and live a healthy life.