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Gallstones Diet Sheet

Gallstones Diet Sheet

A gallstones diet sheet would effectively help you to dissolve your gallstones and would also help to considerably reduce down the pain that one tends to suffer from.
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Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
Among the many organs of the human body, the gallbladder is a very important organ that aids the process of digestion, especially in the smaller intestine. Though the gallbladder is always said to be an important organ, it is also a non-vital organ. You may have heard of many cases where the gallbladder has been removed for some or the other reason like gallstones or infection.
Gallstones Formation
Gallstones or the condition of Cholelithiasis is the formation of deposits of crystalline concentration which form stone-like structure. Medical experts have the notion that gallstones are basically caused as a result of variable factors such as body chemistry, movement of the gallbladder, influence of body and most important of all, cholesterol. The gallstones are basically classified into two types, namely, the ones occurring from Porphyria (erythropoietic protoporphyria) and the ones occurring as a result of concentration of cholesterol in the bile, which reduces the quantity of bile fats that causes the formation of gallstones. Medical science has not yet established any concrete connections between the formation of gallstones and intake of low fiber and high cholesterol diets. However, the following diet sheet helps in reducing cholesterol intake and has certainly helped gallstones patients by relieving their pain to a great extent.
Functions of Gallbladder
The basic function of this organ is to store the bile that is produced by the liver. The gallbladder is located between the gallbladder fossa, that lies near the concavity of the liver. An average gallbladder measures about 8 cm in length and has a diameter of about 4 cm. The neck of the gallbladder is a part of the binary tree and is connected to the cystic duct. The cystic duct is connected to the common hepatic duct. The whole connection is known as the common bile duct.

The functioning of the gallbladder is very simple. The gallbladder is capable of storing about 50 ml of bile that has been produced by the liver. When the food containing fat travels down into the digestive system, the bile emulsifies the fats. As it is stored in the gallbladder, over a period of time, the potential and concentration of the bile considerably increases. The enzymes and bile, further break down the food in the smaller intestine.
Essential Changes in Diet
The gallstones diet can be followed before and after the surgery. There will be of course a small difference between the two. But on the whole, the basics of gallbladder surgery diet remain the same.
  • Cholesterol and unhealthy fat intake needs to be reduced drastically, before and after the surgery. Small amounts of healthy fat is to be consumed on a regular basis, however the volume and quality needs to be highly regulated. You doctor will provide you with better inputs.
  • Eating fresh and varied, raw and cooked (without oil or fat) fruits and vegetables is essential.
  • Amount of meat consumed should be significantly lowered and fat and oily meat or even fish should be strictly avoided.
  • Breads and cereals, rice and other carbohydrates concentric foods can be consumed in appropriate quantity, however, the amount of fat, protein and other related nutrients which are likely to cause gallstones should be cut down to the bare minimum level.
  • Before and after the surgery or any treatment regarding gallstones, your doctor will make it a point to advise you regarding dietary changes, in order to control, LDL, HDL cholesterol, fats and proteins, or any other nutrients which can trouble the gallbladder. It is very, very important to follow these recommendations and diet changes, with absolute diligence.
Gallstones Diet Sheet
The following diet sheet would help you to reduce down the consumption of cholesterol and would also help you to make the best diet for gallstones. This diet, if followed regularly and with very good discipline, would help you to prevent your gallstones from growing bigger and would also help you to get your gallstones dissolved or removed quickly.

Food Group What not to Consume What to Consume
1. Meats anything with oil on it, corned beef, pies, sausage, burgers, fried and grilled food, pork, beef, hams, anything with cheese and butter on it, duck, lamb lean ground beef, small quantities of chicken, lean beef or pork in small quantities, Canadian bacon, boiled ham, poultry without skin, eggs without any oil, fat or cheese (note: preferably the meat should be trimmed and fat removed)
2. Fruits avocado or decorative sugar, it is also good to avoid canned fruits or any kind of cream or decoration included therein all fresh fruits
3. Beverages anything which is made from dairy products and sugars, avoid cream based products, no alcoholic drinks, no strong coffee or tea, dairy products such as latte which contain concentrated fats, proteins and related nutrients, anything with chocolate in it anything made from fresh milk in moderation, consumption of decaf coffee in moderation, low-fat milk products such as skimmed and low-fat milk, zero fat cheese or butter in moderation, low-fat yogurt
4. Fish fish prepared with oil or fish such as tuna, sardines, mackerel, kippers, etc. 'light' fish such as haddock, shellfish, salmon, plaice, white fish, which should be cooked without oil or the least possible oil
5. Soups and other liquids fat containing soups, broths, cream based soups, soups based in high fat meats, soups which have high volumes of meat in it Simple, plain boiled soups
6.Vegetables vegetables based in cream cheese or butter, or the ones which are prepared using oil plain boiled vegetables, some garnish and decoration, very, very little oil if inevitable
7. Desserts and Sweets anything with chocolate, pastries and high sugar quantities, dough-nuts and creamy desserts fat, chocolate and cream-free desserts, desserts made with skimmed milk or the ones containing fruits and fruit juices

There is often a point of confusion regarding the diet. Now, in the above diet fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates and proteins are recommended to be cut down. However it does not mean that these nutrients are totally cut-off. Their consumption simply becomes reduced.
Your doctor too will brief you upon some points regarding the diet. Your doctor would probably recommend some small changes in the diet which suit your body, which would help you to properly cope with the gallstones. You may also use this table to make your own gallstones diet plan and have a less painful ordeal. The key to use the diet sheet successfully, is to maintain discipline and be regular.
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