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Gallstones Removal

Gallstones Removal

Natural remedies are always the first option when it comes to getting rid of gallstones. The following HealthHearty article elaborates more on eliminating these painful stones naturally.
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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
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There are natural ways to remove gallstones, but if nothing works doctors often go for surgical removal, in which the gallbladder itself is removed to resolve the issue permanently.

Home Remedies

Diet: Gallstones are generally formed due to excess accumulation of cholesterol in the gallbladder. So, in order to lower cholesterol, an easy solution would be to increase soluble fiber in the diet, by eating plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Say No to High Sugar and Fatty Foods
Foods high in sugar such as cakes and pastries as well as red meat and poultry products are notorious for increasing body cholesterol. Hence avoiding these foods until the gallstone problem is not resolved, is a must to avert further complications.

Increase Water Intake: Drinking plenty of water is also very important to get rid of gallstones. A high fiber diet alone cannot remove these cholesterol deposits. Water consumption should be increased to 10 glasses everyday. Water helps to remove toxins as well as surplus cholesterol through urine. Along with water, it is essential to consume other fluids, especially apple juice.

Vitamin C: People who have high cholesterol levels are often advised to increase vitamin C intake. One can also take vitamin C supplements to disintegrate hardened cholesterol in the gallbladder.

Herbal Remedies

Artichoke: Artichoke supplements and extracts that act as a liver tonic, stimulates bile production, and decrease cholesterol level in the gallbladder. This in turn helps to dissolve the gallstones naturally.

Milk Thistle: The ingredients in milk thistle increases the amount of bile being produced, that assists in flushing of these painful stones.

Turmeric: Turmeric in the diet plays a very important role to normalize bile flow in the gallbladder, which in turn promotes gallstone disintegration.


Destolit tablets may be recommended to disintegrate these painful stones. The medication helps to drain the cholesterol deposits from the gallbladder, in turn helpful to get rid of gallstones.

Surgical procedure involves removing the entire gallbladder to dispose gallstones permanently. However, surgical procedures have their own disadvantages. For instance, it may take days and even months to recover from the surgery. Generally, patients experience severe pain for the first 3-4 days post surgery. Also, one is not allowed to lift heavy objects for a period of 1-2 weeks, unless the patient is fully recovered. Keep in mind that surgery is the last resort and is used only when alternative therapies fail to improve the patient's condition.

A point to note here is that when the gallbladder develops severe infection due to presence of large cholesterol stones, removing the gallstones naturally is not possible, and surgery remains the only option to resolve the issue.

As we all know, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, an easy way to prevent gallstone formation is to increase water intake, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and restrict intake of meat products.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.