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Liquid Diet Ideas for Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you want to find out some interesting and healthy liquid diet ideas for gastric bypass surgery, then you have come to the right place. Read the following article and find out more about gastric bypass surgery diet.
HealthHearty Staff
As we all know, gastric bypass surgery is performed for the removal of excessive fats from the stomach region. It is also the reason why this surgery is called weight loss surgery. Since this surgery is related to the stomach, digestive system and gastrointestinal tract; there are a lot of dietary changes that the patient has to go through. During the time span of this surgery, patients are advised to have light food which is easy to digest yet nutritious. When a person has to undergo gastric bypass surgery, doctors advice them to go on liquid diet plan that goes on from pre surgery to post surgery period. Many patients find this diet a really tough one to follow. The main reason behind this is, shortage of ideas for gastric bypass surgery diet. It is the reason why I am here with some healthy and nutritious liquid diet ideas for gastric bypass surgery patients. Keep reading the following section of the article and find out more.
Liquid Diet Ideas for Gastric Bypass
In gastric bypass surgery, size of the patient's stomach is reduces to a greater deal, which is basically a life changing experience for them. Prior to the surgery and during the healing period, patients are needed to consume foods that will not take time to get digested and will also provide enough nutritional value which is required for the healing process. Considering these facts, gastric bypass surgery diet is divided in two parts, namely, pre surgery diet and post surgery diet for gastric bypass surgery. As a preparation stage for the surgery, patients are advised to have liquid diet prior to surgery.
In this phase, patients may be advised to go on this diet prior to 2-3 weeks or 2-3 days of the surgery. Limited amount of weight loss is the main purpose of the pre surgery liquid diet, which is why high protein liquid diet is primarily prescribed. This diet basically makes the post surgery transition a lot easier. However, patients are advised to go on clear liquid diet before surgery (at least 48 hours prior to surgery). Once the surgery is performed, gastric bypass post surgery diet is divided into four stages. There are a few general rules of thumb for gastric bypass diet, that one must get acquainted with. It includes having small amounts sparingly throughout the day. Avoiding oily foods and foods that are hard to digest is also very important. The amount of food consumption depends on physical level of the patient and doctor's approval. Here is the explanation in brief:
Stage I: Clear Liquid Diet
Once the surgery is over, patient must lead his way towards recovery. The ideal food to consume in the first stage of recovery is clear liquid diet. As the name suggests, clear liquid diet consists of clear soups, water, meat stock, chicken stock, unsweetened drinks and some diet beverages that are clear in nature. 2 oz or 3 oz is the maximum limit of clear liquid diet and that too largely depends on tolerance and digestion capacities of the patient. Since the operated stomach is really small in size, the patient has to cope with the 'new' feeling of fullness that comes from eating a limited amount of food items. Clear liquid diet is prescribed for first one or two days after gastric bypass surgery.
Stage II: Full Liquid Diet
Full liquid diet is also known as low fat full liquid diet or semi liquid diet. Before moving ahead, let me tell you that this stage of diet is practiced only when the patient starts doing good on clear liquid diet. During this stage, low fat and high protein liquid diet is provided to the patients. Patients are still in hospital while they are on full liquid diet. During this stage, patients are mainly provided with strained cream soups and chewable multivitamins and such dietary supplements.
Stage III: Semi Liquid Diet
As the name suggests, foods that are given during this stage should consist of yogurt or mashed potato like consistency. This stage is also called pureed liquid diet. Similar to full liquid diet, you may provide high protein foods to the recovering patients. Foods like scrambled eggs, cooked vegetables, canned fruits, etc. can be provided in limited quantities. Blended form of lean meats and lean fish is also recommended for this stage of post surgery diet for gastric bypass. Once this stage is over, the patients are provided with soft foods.
Stage IV: Soft Food Diet
This is the final stage of the gastric bypass diet after surgery. Exact starting time and duration of this stage depends on speed of recovery of individual patients. Once the dietitian or respective doctor approves of recovery, he/she will advise to consume soft diet, which is later converted into regular diet. During this stage, patients are advised to have ground meat, cooked diced vegetables, lean meat or milk, etc. On an average this stage starts after eight weeks of surgery and it goes on for eight more weeks. After that, dietitian will approve a healthy meal plan for the patient.
As I mentioned earlier, the above mentioned is only a general structure of gastric bypass diet and it is published for the purpose of information only. Hence, one is advised to consult the respective health care provide and dietitian before following it. Take care!