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Medical Benefits of Liquid Oxygen

Liquid oxygen (LOX) is a good alternative to gaseous oxygen and benefits us in many ways. Read on to know more...
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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Liquid oxygen is an efficient way to supply oxygen to people, especially a home patient. It is more popular for treatment of conditions like chronic pain and fatigue that are a result of lack of oxygen. In the human body, oxygen is required for many processes from respiration to energy generation. These can be easily fulfilled by the liquid oxygen. It boosts immune system and increases energy. It also has anti-aging properties.
Liquid Oxygen
Basically, liquid oxygen is a form of oxygen that has been cooled to a liquid state. This kind of oxygen is used commonly for recirculating aquaculture systems because it is cheaper per unit when compared to gaseous oxygen. Obtained from the gas form of oxygen in the air by fractional distillation, it is moderately cryogenic and makes objects very brittle when it comes in contact with them.
Important Medical Benefits of Liquid Oxygen
As we know oxygen is considered vital for the human body because it is used at a cellular level when it is transferred to the blood cells and taken to every part of the human body. Lack of oxygen would surely lead to death! Even in normal conditions human beings require oxygen because we receive only half the amount that our body requires in order to experience dynamic health. Continued existence in this environment can cause havoc because the body requires oxygen to clean out toxins and waste. If oxygen is not received in proper quantities then the inner fluids and blood can become toxic and dirty. Liquid oxygen is an answer to that problem.
Liquid oxygen boosts immune system. The oxygen detoxifies the body resulting in the strengthening of the immune system. This means that the body's defense against diseases and infections becomes stronger. It is used to manufacture products that provide a vitamin supplement. These supplements provide oxygen to the body through the process of digestion rather than the natural process of respiration. Not only this, but oxygen supplements also help prevent diseases, detoxify the body, maintain cellular function and fight off infections and diseases that are already existing.
Liquid oxygen helps to increase alertness and overall energy. Less oxygen availability leads to tiredness and lack of concentration. There may also be some memory loss. It leads to alertness and clarity of thoughts. These supplements are ideal for athletes and people who work in areas of high altitude. There are also oxy-rich spray products in the market. These products have a number of applications such as healing minor cuts and scratches, relieving itching and the effect of insect bites.
Liquid oxygen is also the answer to aging. The aging process is essentially the death of cells which is accelerated due to lack of proper oxygen to the cell. Liquid oxygen supplement can instantaneously take care of that deficiency resulting in reduced aging.
There are many factors that can lead to an oxygen deficiency and stress is one of them! This deficiency can lead to a disease with many symptoms. A person who suffers from oxygen deficiency is always weak and ill and needs treatment. Taking liquid oxygen can be a quick way to alleviate most of these problems.
*NOTE - Although liquid oxygen has all the above mentioned benefits, please consult a certified medical practitioner before you start taking it and also consult the dosage. Keep in mind that improperly constituted oral formulations can lead to harm rather than any benefits.