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Morgellons Cure

Morgellons disease is not acknowledged as a true medical condition in mainstream medical science. Let us see from this article what medical experts say about the cure of this mysterious condition.
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
The reason Morgellons is a controversial disease is its nature of being mysteriously alarming. Many experts regard this disorder as an unexplained dermopathy. The condition seems to have become a major concern for public health in the United States. Symptoms reported by people claiming to have the Morgellons disease include painful and itchy skin sores. These sores may have white, blue, red or black fibers inside them or growing from them. Patients also report strange crawling, biting and stinging sensations on and under the skin, as if some insects are residing beneath their skin. Symptoms like joint and muscle pain, extreme fatigue, memory disorders, abnormal changes in behavior, and vision problems have also been reported by Morgellons patients.
Is there Any Treatment for Morgellons?
Morgellons disease is an unexplained condition which most doctors believe to be a manifestation of other problems in the body, more specifically mental conditions. And that is why most people who report the symptoms of this disease are seen as patients with delusional or psychiatric disorder. But there are some doctors who believe that Morgellons is a specific health problem in itself, but one that requires further and extensive research.
The Center of Disease Control conducted a study in 2008 given the increasing number of people who reported to have been experiencing the symptoms of Morgellons disease. Most of the patients who were studied hailed from California. The results of the research showed that the disease is not related to any infectious pathogen or any environmental trigger. The patients also underwent neuropsychological testing which revealed that most of them were suffering from coexisting conditions of depression, and psychiatric problems. Furthermore, about 50% of the patients were tested positive for drugs such as marijuana, antidepressants, and painkillers. So given the unknown nature of Morgellons disease, doctors advise patients to manage or reduce their symptoms, and treat any coexisting mental or physical conditions.
Most people with Morgellons look for alternative treatment methods, as they are usually turned down as delusional cases by the traditional health care system. But some medical experts feel that patients of Morgellons must receive help and treatment to lessen their discomfort. According to them, patients must avail the aid of a doctor who pays heed to their problem and conduct a thorough examination. Given the uncertainty of Morgellons diagnosis, the doctor would most likely go for evidence-based treatment methods. It is also advisable for patients to contact a local health care team as frequent follow-up visits would be required.
Given the high probability of Morgellons being psychological in nature, patients may receive better response from their doctor if they keep all options open. For instance, there is no harm for a Morgellons patient to consider that his/her signs or symptoms may have a mental problem as the underlying cause. In this way, the patient can help his/her doctor start a long-term mental health therapy.
Morgellons may be regarded as a dark disease; unrevealed and still a mystery with almost all medical professionals. In a situation wherein, the prospect of coming up with a Morgellons cure or even a specific treatment is seen as a bleak expectation, the affected person is not left with many options. So what best a patient can do is to manage the symptoms, seek help from doctors who acknowledge his/her concerns, and seek support from friends and family members.