Nerve Damage in Arm

The most common reason behind the occurrence of nerve damage in arm is its overuse. This medical condition is quite common. Fortunately, there are effective medical treatments available to restore the arm to its normal state. Go through this Buzzle article for further details.
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Nerve damage in arms is not uncommon. Many people have to suffer from it at some point in their life. If you have developed nerve damage in your arm, then this Buzzle article can help you a lot in understanding your condition well.
Let's start with the possible factors that can lead to the damage of nerves in the arm. The foremost among them is the overuse of your arm. You need your hands for performing a large number of essential, daily activities. Sometimes, unknowingly, one happens to overuse the nerve supplying the arm. The condition of nerve damage due to excessive usage is called a pinched nerve.
Nerve damage, especially in the arms can lead to a lot of discomfort. One highly uncomfortable symptom of nerve damage in arm is the pain that comes about and radiates through. The region between the shoulder and wrist becomes extremely painful, and one might also experience a tingling and burning sensation as a sign of nerve damage in arm. Sometimes, the arm may get numb as well. Because of such discomfort, one may not be able to move or use one's arm even for performing simple activities like writing and/or lifting lightweight objects, etc. If you feel that your arm or the entire hand is getting paralyzed, you should immediately seek medical assistance. The symptom of paralysis occurs when the condition of nerve damage takes a serious form.
The presence of the nerve damage in arm symptoms are, most often, sufficient to indicate to the doctor of the nerve damage brought about. However, a doctor generally prefers to conduct certain diagnostic tests to confirm the damage of nerves. Such tests mostly include an electromyogram, magnetic resonance imaging, nerve conduction tests, and nerve biopsy.
Once the condition is confirmed, the doctor will most possibly prescribe analgesics. In addition to that, he will also prescribe certain pain killers which will arrest and control the stabbing pain that comes about. Along with that, the doctor may also administer steroids. These medicines reduce the swelling to a large extent. One may also purchase over-the-counter pain killers and steroids if the condition happens to be in the initial stages and the uneasiness does not require you to see a doctor. Otherwise, a medical consultation is a must.
If the case is severe, the doctor may also put your arm in a brace, splint, or any of these equipment, thus leading to comfort. He may also recommend sessions of physical therapy for you, which will assist in speeding the process of healing. With the help of medication, support devices, and physical therapy, there is a high probability that you will recover completely and resume your normal healthy life.
In case of nerve damage in arms, timely and effective medical assistance for nerve damage repair is a necessity. This rules out the possibility of many medical complications that may arise from it. Some such examples are mild to severe deformity of the hand, recurrent injury to the hand, and partial or complete loss of wrist or hand movement and feeling.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.
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