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Pain Between Shoulder Blade and Spine

Pain Between Shoulder Blade and Spine

Are you suffering from pain between shoulder blade and spine, and want to know what could be the causes for the same? Read this article to find out!
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
There are some pains which occur and then subside, but shoulder pain is something that doesn't go away all that easily! In fact, every time you make a movement, you are reminded that you are suffering from a pain in the shoulder! The nature of the pain can be from mild to severe, however, when we speak of pain between shoulder blade and spine, trust me, it can be quite sharp and severe! The sharp pain can occur due to various reasons, a pull or a physical trauma, or it can also be a sign of some underlying disease. This pain often seems to give a feeling of having a knot or a spasm between the shoulder blade and spine, and no matter how much you try, it just doesn't go! Relax, further, this article discusses the causes, and remedies to deal with this condition.
Causes of Pain between Shoulder Blade and Spine
The main reason of why the pain occurs between your shoulder blade and spine, is the formation of knots in these muscles which makes even the easiest of physical activity a very difficult thing to do! It is observed that people who are right-handed experience the pain between their right shoulder blade and spine. Whereas, people who work with their left hand, suffer from pain in the shoulder blade and spine on the left side. The most common reason as to why this happens is the way we program the muscles of our body to function. Read the causes below to understand further.
Improper Posture

Most of us are involved in a mentally hectic lifestyle with very little or no physical activities included whatsoever. For starters, look at the way you are sitting right now. Is your back (spine) straight like how it is supposed to be, or, are you sitting with your back hunched? Aah... you just corrected your posture now, didn't you?! It's not just you, it's the way we just tend to sit. You see, when your body is accustomed to sitting or standing in a certain way, the muscles tend to adapt the same posture. Therefore, the muscles of your front portion, including the chest, neck, shoulders; tend to become tight, short, and stiff! On the other hand, the muscles of your back tend to become overstretched because you are hunching forward when you are not supposed to. If there is any change in the movement of the muscles, then this may cause pain and discomfort due to the exertion.

Among the reason why our body experiences shoulder pain, the most common one is a muscle pull, which happens due to lack of flexibility! If you are not using your muscles capacity to its maximum, then it will perform just the way you are keeping it. So, if you are not used to using your muscles, then a sudden exertion, like lifting weights, exercising, stretching, etc., can cause pain between the shoulder blades and go all the way to the spine. So, if you know that you are not accustomed to the stretching and the pulling and the straining, then make sure that you don't do all these activities drastically. This can prove dangerous as overstretching can also result in tear in muscles. Even professionals advice to do warm-up exercises before working out! So be careful.
Sleeping Posture

Another classic reason would be sleeping on one side only, or, if the mattress that you are sleeping on is not supporting your body, especially your back. Have you been experiencing the pain after you bought that new mattress, or, do you think it's time to get a new one?!
Effective Remedies to Get Rid of the Pain
It is very important to understand the reason behind the pain before you choose to get it cured. Mostly, when one experiences a pain between the shoulder blades, the reason involves muscles. Now there are various muscles involved in the area between your shoulder blades, going all the way to your spine. Therefore, it is advisable to get yourself checked by a healthcare specialist, if you are still confused about the reason behind your pain. However, mentioned below are some effective remedies that can help cure the pain and discomfort.

Another way to get rid of the pain between shoulder blades and spine is to massage or rub the rhomboid muscle. This is the muscle which is situated on the either side of your back and can be the cause for the pain. Massaging this muscle gently, may prove to be of help in relieving from the pain. Apart from this, even triggered points in your neck can be the cause of pain. Therefore, a massage on the scalene muscles located on both sides of the neck can also help get some relief from the pain.
Hot and Cold Compressions

The old, yet an extremely effective remedy is to use hot and cold compressions on the affected area. In fact, a combination of massages and compressions can help you get instant relief. If the reason behind the pain is a muscle pull, then this remedy is something you should go for.
Stretching Exercises

There are many yoga exercises for back pain that can help you get rid of the pain, also strengthening your back at the same time. It is advisable to stretch as slowly as possible because sudden stretching movements can prove to be harmful and add to the problem. Please do not try to self-instruct yourself when you are already suffering from pain. I strictly recommend to perform these exercises under professional guidance to prevent further damage.
If all these remedies don't prove to be of help, then get in touch with your health care specialist as soon as possible to get the shoulder pain treatment! He / she may prescribe certain painkillers and advise some test to diagnose the cause.
As mentioned earlier, in order to avoid pain between shoulder blade and spine, it is important to take care of the posture of your body, which is related to the posture of your spine. Avoid sleeping on one side and sitting with your head forward, as it pulls the muscles of your neck, eventually causing pain and spasms between your shoulder blade and spine. Try not to sit in front of the computer continuously for a long time. Take 5 minutes break in every 1 - 2 hours and walk around while doing some stretching. Make sure that you don't give your muscles the wrong signal by not using them at all. Take care of your body and it will take care of you in return. Have a healthy tomorrow.
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