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25 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Hypoglycemia

25 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Hypoglycemia
Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a common condition for people with diabetes. Dealing with the diagnosis of this condition may be confusing and cause panic. Proper medical advice can save you from any confusion. HealthHearty has enlisted 25 important questions that you need to ask your doctor about hypoglycemia.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Safety Tip
People with hypoglycemia need to be extra careful, and should check their blood sugar before activities like driving, as a sudden attack may cause blurred vision and confusion.
For diabetics, dealing with the whole diagnosis and treatment process is not easy. The very first hurdle is dealing with the diagnosis of diabetes. Most people are shocked and surprised while coming to terms with the condition. Incorporating and making diabetes a part of life is not an easy process. Now, if you add to this the panic created by confusion, the disease may seem even more scary.

In case of hypoglycemia, we know it is one of the conditions related to diabetes. In simple terms, it can be described as a condition where there is extremely low sugar in the blood, which may hamper effective functioning of the body. The most common causes of hypoglycemia include the treatment of diabetes. However, there are many other causes for low blood sugar levels. So, a non-diabetic person too can be diagnosed with hypoglycemia.

Being well-informed and learning about your condition in the first place is very important. The more knowledge you have regarding hypoglycemia, the easier it becomes to deal with it. The first step to being well-informed and maintaining calm is taking the opinion and advice of your doctor. However, this too gets confusing for most people, as they do not know which questions need to be asked on priority, and what all is going to help them deal with their condition.
Frequently Asked Questions About Hypoglycemia
Symptoms like feeling confused, disturbed, inability to complete routine tasks, and visual disturbances like blurred or double vision, may indicate hypoglycemia. These are the major symptoms experienced. Some common, minor signs and symptoms like hunger, anxiety, sweating, and tingling sensation may also be observed. Not all of these symptoms indicate hypoglycemia, and one needs to get a blood test done for accurate diagnosis.
Questions Regarding the Condition
Doctor and Patient
What are the possible causes for this condition?

Do I have diabetes, because of hypoglycemia?

What are the complications associated with hypoglycemia?

Are there any severe risks with this condition?
Questions Regarding Treatment and Medication
Blood Test
What are the tests that I need to take?

What are the treatment options available? Are there any risks associated with the same?

What is the best treatment suited for my case?

Is there any medication I should avoid?

How often will I need to check my blood?
Patient checkup
How often should I come for regular checkups?

How long would I be taking medication for this condition?

Are there any side effects of my medications?

What are the emergency supplies/treatment for hypoglycemia?

Should I see a specialist for my condition?
Questions Regarding Your Diet
Should I make changes in my diet?

What are the foods to eat and to avoid?

Is there any medication that I need to take along with food?
Questions Regarding General Health
Woman exercising with doctor
Do I need to lose weight?

What is the best way to avoid complications and keep blood glucose in check?

When can I get back to normal activities?

Should I start a special exercise program for hypoglycemia?
What special care or routine should I follow?

In case of an emergency, what steps should be taken? Whom should I contact in case of any emergency?

What are the changes I can make in my lifestyle, that can help in improvement?

Are there any websites or forums for assistance? What educational material is available for hypoglycemia?
There are also a number of questions your doctor will ask you in order to diagnose the condition better. Always carry all possible health reports and information when you visit your doctor. Hypoglycemia can be controlled with proper treatment and following a healthy lifestyle. In case you have diabetes, clear all your diabetes-related doubts too. Do not hesitate to ask anything that causes you the slightest doubt. Take care!