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Right Sided Headache

Right Sided Headache

Have you been experiencing right sided headache? This article could be of help to you in understanding the causes of this headache, and possible solutions for the same.
Veethi Telang
It's sharp and painful. The headache that you experience on the right side of your head is not a common occurrence. Along with the pain comes a twitch around the corner of the eye, that may last up to half an hour. This condition isn't hereditary in nature, and is often accompanied by dizziness. Such kind of a headache is referred to as a migraine. If you're one of the very few persons who are suffering from recurring headaches on right side of head, it's essential for you to change your lifestyle, not stress much, and take relevant medications. Let us gain an insight on the causes behind headache occurring on the right side of the head.

Many health care professionals associate migraine headaches with vision impairment. The pain is often severe on the right side, and many a time, it shifts to the other sides as well as the back of the head. One of the key causes of headache on the right side is work-load, which is accompanied by anxiety, stress, and hunger. When stress hovers, the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and jaw tighten and contract, thereby, leading to a terrible pain in the head.

A number of habits are found to be a cause of migraine. Smoking, whichever form it be, is one of the major causes of such kind of headache, as it worsens the pain, and leads to other health issues too. It is always advisable that one keeps track of what they eat or drink during the course of the day. Moreover, a nauseating feeling is often referred to as a cause of headache on right side of head during pregnancy, if the woman is experiencing vomiting sensations quite frequently. Treatment doses often go beyond a single dosage up to several times an hour. With that discussed, all possible causes of such kind of a headache can be enlisted as follows:
  • Vision impairment
  • Stress
  • Contraction of shoulder muscles
  • Smoking and Drinking
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting during pregnancy

We all have a particular medicine that we tend to take in case of severe headache. Medicines and pain killers do get you instant relief from the pain, but they don't come without side-effects. If the headache is a rare occurrence, you should refrain from taking any kind of medication. However, if it's chronic and has been there for a while, you need to consult a physician, and take medication that he provides you with. Note that, physicians have not been able to find out a fool-proof solution to headaches on the right side of the head particularly, but often suggest a change in lifestyle. Unhealthy eating habits are the biggest cause of headaches, and the moment you switch to a healthy lifestyle, your headaches reduce considerably. Patients are suggested to switch to healthier ways of living, and give up on smoking and drinking. This is the most inexpensive method of treating a headache at the area on the right of the head.

Headaches, especially right sided, are sharp and painful. They can occur among all people, regardless of their age. As is quoted, prevention is always better than cure, it is recommended you change your lifestyle entirely, switch to healthier ways of living and eating, replace aerated drinks with juices, and include vegetables in your diet. Moreover, sitting in front of your computer system till late also causes severe headache. Get up after every 45 minutes to give your eyes a relief from the bright light. All these solutions sum up to an effective treatment of migraines.