Shoulder Pain When Throwing

Shoulder pain is more likely to affect people who are involved in strenuous physical activities. This article provides some information on the causes and treatment procedures of this pain.
HealthHearty Staff
People in the age group 40 - 50 years are more likely to experience pain in the shoulder while throwing. This could be due to increased vulnerability to pains and aches in the body with aging. However, even young people who are active in sports and recreational activities develop such a pain. In the case of younger people, too much strain and physical activity, or any physical injuries can lead to severe pain in the shoulders.
Common Causes
Shoulder joint offers one of the greatest range of motions and flexibility, than any other joint in the body. Hence, it is quite vulnerable to injuries and consequently, pain. Baseball players who require strong shoulders to play the game, need proper rest and exercises to ensure that their shoulders are able to regain muscular strength, and avoid the risk of any injuries. Severe pain is caused due to rotator cuff injury. This group of muscles or the rotator cuff, help the shoulder blades move in all directions. In case of rotator cuff injury, there can be tearing in the cuff, muscles, and tendons. Shoulder dislocation and joint separation are some of the reasons for severe pain. Generally, weakness in the shoulder joint leads to aggravation in the intensity of the pain. Hence, it can be said that if there is pain when throwing, an individual should seek orthopedic advice, as that can help him/her to prevent the risk of any further damage to the shoulder.
The Treatment Procedure
Diagnosis of the pain will eventually help the orthopedic doctor track the root cause of the sharp pain. X-ray and MRI scan can be performed by the doctor depending on the severity of the pain. A physical therapist can also examine your shoulder for any type of pain and recommend the specific treatments. Physical examination done by the experts can provide you information about pain assessment, location, the limits of movement, and the extent to which the shoulder has been dislocated. If needed, medical tests can also be conducted. Players and athletes who have to deal with severe pain, must choose options like massage and various other treatments. Gradually, when the injuries heal and the pain subsides, physical exercises can be practiced to recover the strength of muscles. Some of the most common pain treatment exercises are range of motion exercises (ROM) and rotator cuff strengthening exercises. One of the most important things to consider while eliminating the pain is active rest. In active rest, you may carry out small physical activities, however, you've got to avoid physical activities that demand physical strain. Slow exercises for your shoulder are ideal during the resting period. This injury may require lot of time to heal, and hence, patience and care are crucial during the treatment phase.
Players with injuries must not be lenient to practice exercises, before the injury heals completely. Shoulder pain when throwing can be treated through drug therapy as prescribed by physicians. Immediate pain relief can be attained by administering medications. Even massage therapy is considered to be very effective in providing relief to the body during this pain. Consulting an orthopedic surgeon is an essential factor that can help an individual significantly in the treatment.
Disclaimer: This HealthHearty article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert orthopedic advice.