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Silica Supplements

Silica Supplements

A short account of silica supplements, their benefits and related facts presented in this article should help understand the important of this element (silicon) in terms of nutrition.
Shashank Nakate
Silicon is amongst the most abundant elements found in earth's crust. Its abundance is ranked second only, to oxygen. The compound silicon dioxide is same as silica. This chemical plays an important role in the nutrition and well-being of the body. It is primarily found in the bones, nails, hair, and connective tissue of the body. Its total quantity in an average human body is approximately 7 grams. The ash of animal tissues and plants contain small quantities of this chemical. It maintains the integrity of the skin, bones, and tendons. Prolyhydroxylase is an enzyme, which plays important role in collagen formation, and this chemical is necessary for the synthesis of this enzyme. Collagen is the structural component of bones, cartilage, elastin, and connective tissues. Thus, it can be seen that silica supplements are important from the point of view of getting this vital element and keeping the body nourished.

Supplements of Silica

There is no specific value of this compound in terms of recommended dietary allowances for the body. However, the intake of 5-20 mg is recommended from the point of maintaining a healthy body. Some of the sources recommend a daily dosage of 22-23 mg. There are also a few sources, which find the dose of 100-1000 mg to be suitable. The following are some of the supplements that one can take to ensure that the body is getting the amount it needs.

Silica Complex Vegetarian: The main ingredient of this product is an extract obtained from 100% pure horsetail. Apart from the horsetail extract, other ingredients are included, which makes it a nice blend of nutrients. It does not contain eggs, yeast, milk, sugar, gluten, wheat, and other such ingredients. It is therefore, completely vegetarian. A single pack contains 90 tablets and is priced at USD 9.49.

Super Silica Complex: It is recommended for maintaining a healthy body, and especially, bones, hair, nails, etc. The extract obtained from horsetail (snake grass) provides silica. The ingredients, such as horsetail leaf extract, calcium, zinc, magnesium, boron, and betaine hydrochloride together nourish the body. Other ingredients present in it include dicalcium phosphate, stearic acid, cellulose, and magnesium siearate. A bottle containing 60 tablets is priced at USD 7.99.

Silica Power: It is a vegetable-based product, which contains silicon for nourishment of the body. Its various ingredients apart from silicosis acid include gelatin, rosemary oil, vitamin E, and purified water. A dose of 1 capsule, 2 times a day is recommended. A pack of 60 tablets is priced at USD 7.86.

Products for Hair

Strengthening the hair is possible with intake of these products. Natural foods, like sunflower seeds, oats, rice, potatoes, etc., provide this compound in plenty. The problem of split ends in hair can also be controlled with their intake. The element, silicon is lost by the body quite regularly due to metabolic processes. It is therefore, necessary to replenish the lost amount. One of the benefits of using these products is that hair becomes elastic and does not break easily.

Side Effects

Regular intake in small amounts is recommended. However, an overdose of this mineral can be harmful to the body. Intake in a proportion that is more than required causes excess urination. People suffering from edema exhibit this symptom. To prevent the ill/side effects (for example, dehydration), one should drink adequate amounts of water.

Prolonged use can result into problems in the proper functioning of kidney. Excessive use can also cause the development of kidney stones. Kidney deterioration is one of the dangers faced by people with excess intake.

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