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Soap for Leg Cramps

Soap for Leg Cramps

Nowadays, soap is being recommended as an effective remedy for leg cramps. Read on to now more about the same.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
It is a common fact that muscles play a key role in facilitating movements of our body. However, sometimes these muscles contract forcefully and involuntarily, causing severe pain. If this condition lasts for a few seconds, it is called a muscle spasm. But, if it is a prolonged one with severe pain, the condition is termed as a cramp. Cramps are prone to develop on the back, arms and legs. Leg cramps are far more common and are mostly found to develop at rest.

Even though, elderly people have an increased tendency to develop leg cramps, others too may develop this condition at times. Such cramps are also commonly associated with pregnancy. In most cases, such cramps develop without any apparent reason. However, certain medical conditions, intake of certain drugs and improper posture, are considered as contributory factors for this condition. Leg cramps are harmless and are found to subside within some time. So, this condition is usually countered with home remedies. There are numerous home remedies to relieve such cramps. Among them, use of soap is being recommended as an effective one.

How to Use Soap for Leg Cramps

There are several leg cramp remedies like stretching and application of ice packs or warm compresses. Use of soap may sound as a weird remedy for this condition. However, this is claimed to be the most effective one and most of the users are satisfied with this remedy. All you have to do is to place a bar of soap beneath the bed sheet, at the foot of the bed. Some people position the soap bar in such a way that it lies near to (or under) the calf. You may either go for a single soap bar or try more than one. Make sure to remove the wrapper before using the soap bar. If you are placing more than one soap bar, you can keep them inside an old pantyhose, before slipping it beneath the bed sheet. So, sleeping with this soap bar is said to work wonders in preventing leg cramps. You have to replace the soap bars with new ones, if you find them to be no more effective. While, some may find it good to use ivory soap for leg cramps in bed, others may choose different brands.

How Does Soap Relieve Leg Cramps

Even though, soaps are among the widely used remedies for cramps in legs, there is still no clue about its course of action. There are various hypotheses with regard to the role of soap in relieving cramps. Loss of electrolytes in the body is said to be a contributory factor for development of cramps. Soap contains sodium, which may supply certain electrolytes to the body, thereby relieving cramps. According to some, large amounts of carbon dioxide in the body could be a reason for cramps. So, placing a bar of soap near the body may prove useful, as the excess carbon dioxide is absorbed by the same. It is also said that soap releases something that is beneficial for relieving leg cramps. All these are just theories and there is no scientific explanation for the same. So, the reason for the action of soap in reducing leg cramps still remains mysterious.

Now you know how to use a soap bar for leg cramps. Even though, it is not clear how a bar of soap can ward off cramps, there are people, who vouch for the effectiveness of this remedy. If you are a person who suffers from leg cramps, then you may try this remedy and check for yourself whether it is effective or not.