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Sores on the Roof of the Mouth

Sores on the Roof of the Mouth

When a sore develops on the roof of the mouth, it makes eating food difficult and causes general discomfort. Many OTC medications and home remedies can help get rid of it.
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Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018
Mouth sores can develop anywhere in the mouth area like lips, tongue, gums, or inner cheeks. They can also develop on one's palate, which is the roof of the mouth. The sores on the palate cause great discomfort while eating. To prevent further aggravation of the condition, one needs to follow the proper treatment and preventive measures.
» Smoking is a common cause of sores on the palate.

» Low levels of folate can lead to these sores.

» Drinking or eating something hot can give a person ulcers.

» Pizza burn, a common occurrence, causes burns on the roof of the mouth.

» Viral or bacterial infection can cause a sore on the palate.
» Sharp or broken tooth can also lead to soreness on the roof of the mouth.

» Low immunity is also responsible for mouth sores many times.

» Habit of tobacco chewing is another common cause of mouth sores.

» Hormonal changes and stress are another factor which lead to palatal sores.

» In rare cases, a person can develop these sores due to palatal cancer.
Use the remedies mentioned here to get rid of the sores on the roof of the mouth. The remedies will help to soothe the sores and help to get rid of the sore. However, if these remedies don't help then it is important to seek medical help for dental care, because sore on the palate can be a symptom of a major health condition like cancer.
Home Remedies
Mouth sores generally last for 10-12 days and sometimes up to a period of 6 weeks. Try these home care measures for relief.
» Take over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen to get relief from painful sores.

» Gargle with cool water; this especially helps if you have developed a sore due to burns.

» Avoid eating anything spicy or hot, and stick to light and easy-to-swallow foodstuffs.

» In case of canker sores, gargle the mouth with salt-water.
» In severe cases of canker sores, apply fluocinonide gel (Lidex) to the affected area.

» If you have sores due to fever blisters, then apply ice to the affected area and take lysine tablets.

» To soothe the soreness you can swish milk. Apart from soothing, it will prevent further damage to the palate. Buttermilk can also be used instead of milk.
» Taking supplements of vitamin B-complex will also help.

» You can also suck on a popsicle to get relief from mouth burns.

» Take few leaves of holy basil, and chew them slowly. Drink a glass of water after that. Repeat this remedy few times a day to get rid of the sore.
When to Seek Medical Help
It is important that you seek medical help for mouth sores in the following cases.

» If the sore lasts for more than 2 weeks.

» If you are experiencing extreme symptoms like skin rash, difficulty while swallowing or fever, along with mouth sores.

» If you have developed sores on the roof of mouth after starting a new medication.
» If you have developed large white patches on the roof of the mouth or tongue.

» If you have a compromised immune system, due to cancer or HIV.
Prevention Tips
To prevent the occurrence of sores on the roof of mouth or other areas of the mouth, it is important that you follow some preventive measures.
» To prevent common mouth sores, reduce stress by practicing some relaxation techniques like yoga. Because, stress is a contributing factor to palatal sores.
Girl Brushing Teeth
» For brushing use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Replace your toothbrush after every month for better oral hygiene.
» Avoid eating tobacco and smoking cigarettes to prevent mouth sore and try to limit the intake of alcohol.

» Avoid eating too hot or spicy foods.

» Chew your food slowly and till it turns liquid in your mouth.

» Drink plenty of water, around 2-3 liters every day.

» Avoid alcohol when you have mouth sores.
eating yogurt
» Eat a lot of yogurt. The beneficial bacteria in yogurt will prevent mouth sores and aid in digestion.

» Increase your vitamin C intake by drinking orange juice. Vitamin C will help in prevention of mouth ulcers.
With these prevention tips you will avoid the palatal sores to a great extent. However, to get relief from the painful sores use the mentioned remedies. So, practice good dental hygiene and a healthy lifestyle and you will be able to avoid further occurrence of sores on the roof of the mouth.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.