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Sudafed Side Effects

If you are planning to take Sudafed pills for relieving nasal congestion, it is important for you to know about their side effects. This HealthHearty article will give you some crucial information on the dangers of taking Sudafed pills.
HealthHearty Staff
Sudafed, medically known as pseudoephedrine, is a drug which is usually given to people, who are suffering from nasal congestion or sinusitis. Dilation of blood vessels in the nasal passages can cause congestion, and the person may experience difficulty in breathing. Sudafed, a nasal decongestant, promotes shrinking of blood vessels in the nasal passages, thus relieving the feeling of congestion. Moreover, it also decreases the production of mucus in the nasal passage, thus, curing the problem of blocked nose.
Although, Sudafed is a drug which is available without a prescription, experts are of the opinion that it should be taken only after consulting a health practitioner. This is because excessive and wrong use of Sudafed can give rise to certain health complications.
Side Effects of Sudafed
Although Sudafed is a drug which is very commonly used for treating blocked nasal passage, not much research has been done about the side effects that it can cause. Some people have experienced problems after taking this drug. Nevertheless, one has to remember that not everyone will have these side effects after taking the pill. With this note, let us take a look at the potential Sudafed dangers that a person can encounter while taking it.
 Mild Side Effects
The side effects of Sudafed can be classified into mild and severe. The mild ones will die down once the body gets adjusted to the drug. However, if the intensity of any of these side effects increases, it is important to consult your health care provider immediately.
  • Some of the common side effects caused by Sudafed include chills, restlessness, and nervousness.
  • It is also likely for a person to experience dry nose, mouth, and throat.
  • Other than this, one may also feel excessively tired while taking this drug.
  • Another side effect caused by Sudafed is insomnia i.e. difficulty in sleeping.
  • Along with this, one may experience a spinning sensation as well as ringing in the ears for sometime.
  • Some people may experience difficulty in urinating.
  • Few more negative effects caused by Sudafed include sweating, mild shakiness, loss of appetite, sensitivity to the sun, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, mild dizziness, etc.
Severe Side Effects
Severe side effects are very rare, and are usually caused due to interactions with other medications. If an individual suffering from some kind of health problem like high blood pressure or diabetes takes this drug, he/she may experience some of its adverse effects that are mentioned below.
  • Sudafed can increase the blood pressure of the person. This happens when an individual takes an overdose of Sudafed. Along with this, the person is also at a risk of developing rapid/shallow breathing, fast heartbeat, and sometimes, irregular heartbeat too. He/she may not be able to breathe properly.
  • Hallucination is another serious side effect caused by the intake of Sudafed drug. Sometimes, individuals start seeing things that are actually not there, after taking this drug.
  • Certain individuals may be allergic to the ingredients found in Sudafed. Due to this, they may develop allergic reactions including rash, hives, wheezing, itching, swelling of the mouth as well as throat, etc.
Precautions to be Taken
As you now know the side effects of this medicine, it will be a good idea to take some necessary precautions to prevent them completely.
  • Individuals suffering from health problems like enlarged prostate, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes, or stomach ulcers should be extremely cautious while taking this drug. They should tell the doctor about the condition as well as the medications they take, so that the doctor will make changes in the dosage of Sudafed.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid consuming this medicine. Though, there is no proof that this medicine will affect the health of the baby, it is still a huge risk. Hence, women should inform their doctor whether they are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, if they are given Sudafed drug to get rid of nasal congestion.
  • Those who are taking appetite suppressants, decongestants, inhibitors, stimulants, etc., should also avoid taking Sudafed.
Those who are aware of the negative effects caused by this drug would definitely consult a doctor before popping this pill to cure nasal congestion. If you do experience any of the severe side effects, consult your doctor immediately to avoid any kind of complications.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.