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Swollen Gums in Children

Swollen gums in children can actually cause a lot of health issues like pain, sensitivity and bleeding from gums. This article talks about the various causes of swollen gums and what are the appropriate treatment options.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
A child suffering from swollen gums will obviously have dark red, extra sensitive and bulging out gums. This situation can get quite difficult if you, as an adult ,don't take the right steps at the right time. Immediate care and treatment is very necessary as swollen gums may lead to certain infections of the mouth. Swollen gums in children is actually very common; it's observed in more than 40% children alone in the US. One of the biggest causes of swollen gums in little kids is lack of oral hygiene. In many houses the importance of cleaning teeth and gums is not taught and hence kids grow up to be very carefree in terms of keeping their tooth enamel healthy.
Many parents are surprised when they notice that their kids are suffering from swollen gums. In some instances only a little part of the entire gum area would be swollen and at times the gum area between the teeth might be affected. The best thing to do over here is to tell your kid to brush his/her teeth properly and keep his mouth clean. Once the kid has been infected with swollen gums then any amount of rigorous brushing and cleaning will not help; you have to fix an appointment with the dentist for the proper treatment.
Causes of Swollen Gums in Children
According to many health doctors if immediate care and precautions are not taken, the swelling starts affecting the triangle shaped part of the gums near the teeth which is known as papillae. One of the main causes of those puffy, red swollen gums is improper brushing. Let's see what are some other causes.
Vitamin C Deficiency
For adults the daily intake of vitamin C is 90 mg and for children its 70 mg. But most children miss out on their daily intake of vitamin C and instead eat unhealthy stuff. Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy in people. This disease is becoming very common in developed countries. Although adults don't suffer from it, kids and elderly are easy targets. When your kid gets affected by scurvy the gums become very sensitive, fluffy and they bleed frequently. In some cases gums may also become purple in color and kids may also suffer from muscle pain due to vitamin C deficiency.
Another cause of swollen gums in children is gingivitis. Though it's a very rare condition, it's seen mainly in kids and young adults. The most common signs of gingivitis include swollen gums, stinky breath, dark-colored gums. The main reason why people suffer from gingivitis is because of the collection of harmful bacteria called plaque which forms a thin white film on the teeth.
Periodontitis is also a very common cause of gum infection which affects the soft tissues of the gums. Bleeding, bad breath, swollen gums, in some instances even loose teeth are signs of periodontitis.
Swollen gums may also occur when a person suffers external trauma or the gums are exposed to certain harmful chemicals. This external trauma may be the result of an injury to the mouth and as gums are sensitive they are bound to get swollen. Harmful chemicals such as certain foods which basically are very hard in nature can cause a lot of damage to your gums when consumed.
Curing Swollen Gums
The treatment for swollen gums will mainly depend on the reason which caused this condition. You can treat swollen gums by natural as well as medical procedures. One of the best ways to treat swollen gums is to rinse your mouth with warm water and salt. Salty water acts as a cleaner for your gums and teeth and help removes the harmful bacteria. Repeat this procedure 4 to 5 times a day. Another beneficial way is to clean your mouth with a warm glass of lemon juice. Squeeze an entire lemon in a glass full of warm water and mix it well. Now rinse with this solution for at least 2 minutes several times a day. Lemon prevents excessive bleeding and makes your gums stronger.
If you see that the situation is getting worse, then the best option is to visit a dentist and seek effective treatment. The best possible way to avoid swollen gums is to brush your teeth regularly, indulge in flossing and have a diet filled with essential nutrients.
Hope this article on swollen gums in children was resourceful. I hope after reading this article you will inculcate some good dental habits in your kids which will keep them safe from any disease of the mouth.