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Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms in Men

These Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms in Men Might Surprise You

Today, vitamin D deficiency symptoms in men are discussed with a lot of interest. This topic has gained a lot of importance, and surely for the good. If you too, are looking for some information on vitamin D deficiency symptoms, then this article will tell you everything about it, and much more.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Recently, my friend's dad was suffering from a very bad pain in his bones, and was having a problem maintaining his usual posture. After a lot of self/home remedies, he decided to consult his doctor. A couple of days later, it was discovered that the pain had nothing to do with cramps or muscle pulls, but that he actually had a severe deficiency of vitamin D. The vitamin D levels in his blood had indeed dropped to a considerable low. Surprisingly, he had experienced most of the Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in men, but the lack of awareness backfired. It is thus, very important that we know more about these symptoms.
One of the most important vitamins, Vitamin D is also the most underestimated among the lot. Today, most of us don't understand how important the intake of this vitamin is. Vitamin D deficiencies are said to have many direct and indirect effects on the human body, and the overall health of a person. While some of the vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women are common with those of men, there are some that are specific only to men. It is these very symptoms that we are going to discuss in the following article.
Before we proceed to the symptoms, let us have a look at the origins of the same - their causes. You will be surprised to know that lack of sunlight exposure and inadequate intake of the vitamin are not the only causes of this deficiency. Spending a lot of time indoors, excessive use of sunscreen, having a dark skin and the inability of the body to convert the absorbed vitamin D are among other causes. The chief motive of reading the causes before, is because your treatment will depend on these.
Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms in Men
Though there are many deficiency symptoms of vitamin D in men, let us discuss the most important deficiency symptoms of vitamin D before we proceed. It is very important to know the exact function of vitamin D, as this will tell us how exactly the deficiency might affect us. After the most important symptoms, is a list of other symptoms which aren't very severe or intense in nature, but significant nonetheless.
Increased Blood Pressure
Though this symptom is still considered to be under debate, it is the most important symptom of all. Some studies have shown that low levels of Vitamin D lead to high blood pressure in men. It was also found that the rate of heart attacks is higher mostly in the winters, when there is anyway an inadequate exposure to sunlight. Keep in mind that you have to step out for some sunlight everyday, giving no importance to the season.
Vitamin D is very important for our body as it absorbs calcium from the intestines. A deficient of Vitamin D will lead to a bone that is calcium-depleted. This state is medically known as osteomalacia. This deficiency also leads to osteoporosis. Here, the bone density reduces by the day and the bone tissue grows thinner gradually. This will eventually lead to a bad posture, easy fractures and many more brittle bones. Almost 1 out of 5 American women is said to suffer from Osteoporosis, above the age of 50, and these figures are increasing in men too.
Many studies state that reduction in the quantity of Vitamin D intake leads to depression. This mainly occurs in the months of winter, and we know this problem more commonly as seasonal affective disorder or the depression that one goes through generally during winters. We know the relation between serotonin and depression. Studies have shown that this serotonin is produced twice as much in the summer sunlight, than winters.
Other Symptoms
  • Tuberculosis
  • Type I Diabetes
  • Periodontal Diseases
  • Low Blood Calcium Levels
  • Chronic Bone, Muscle, or Joint Pain
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Bowed Limbs
  • Knock-kneed Appearance
As we have seen, there are many symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Awareness of these is very important, specially if you live in cold temperatures. I hope these symptoms were helpful, and that you can take proper measures to get rid, or take care of them. However, before trusting any particular type of treatment, it is always advisable to go through a proper consultation from your doctor. Another very important angle to all these deficiencies is that this treatment solely depends on the cause, and in that case, diagnosis of the exact cause does matter a lot.