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Bunion Surgery Cost

Bunion surgery is a corrective surgery performed to cure the bone deformity at the big-toe joint. This article provides information regarding the cost of undergoing this procedure.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
The joint where the big toe unites with the foot is called metatarsophalangeal joint. Bunion is a bone deformity at this joint, which forces the joint to move outward, away from the toes. There can be several causes of bunion, from genetic predisposition to wearing ill-fitted shoes. In fact, wearing fashionable shoes for years and inflicting considerable damage to your feet is the major cause of bunions. Often, surgery is the only corrective measure to be able to use your foot normally again. There are various types of bunion surgeries, and the cost of surgery varies for each type.
Types of Surgery
There are basically four major types of bunion surgeries. They are:
This surgery is only a temporary damage-control surgery that is hardly worth the efforts and money. Most patients get recurrent bunions even after the surgery, making another surgery inevitable. Moreover, the results of the surgery are hardly satisfying.
Bunionectomy with a Head Osteotomy
This is the most common form of bunion surgeries. It involves the removal of the concerned bone, and requires at least 4 weeks of recovery period.
Bunionectomy with a Base Osteotomy
This type of surgery is recommended in severe cases, and is reserved for young patients. It is similar to bunionectomy with a head osteotomy, only the position of the bone that is to be cut differs.
Joint-Replacement Bunion Surgery
This is not the preferred surgery option for bunions anymore. This surgery is mostly performed on the arthritic joints.
Cost of Surgery
The cost of surgery would primarily depend upon two factors: the exact condition of your bunion and the type of corrective surgery to be performed. You can get a simple bunion-removal surgery done at the local surgeon. However, the chances of your bunion growing back are bright, which will render the surgery ineffective. Thus, simply removing the bump won't improve your condition. A better option is to opt for a surgery which not only removes the bunion, but also realigns the position of the big toe, so as to prevent the bunion from growing back. On an average, you are likely to be charged USD 4,000 for a bunion surgery. However, bunion-removal surgery cost may vary depending upon the credits of your surgeon. Your local surgeon may charge you much less than that; however, it is imperative that you check the expertise of the operating surgeon before you settle for anything. The last thing you need after a painful bunion, is a botched up surgery. Therefore, forgo the temptation to get the surgery done at cheaper rate.
Insurance Coverage
Medical insurance covers almost all the costs of bunion surgeries, and you might be required to pay only the deductibles. However, if you consider going for a cosmetic surgery to cover the marks of the surgery, then your cost might increase substantially. Moreover, your medical insurance won't cover the cost of cosmetic surgery.
The aforementioned cost of surgery for bunions does not take into account the particular country or location of your residence. Thus, you can inquire at the local podiatrist's clinic to get the correct estimate of surgery cost in your area.
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