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Constipation Problems

Constipation Problems

Every individual suffers from constipation at some point or the other. This digestive system disorder can be quite distressing, as it hampers our daily routine. It is essential to take timely treatment so as to prevent this disorder from turning chronic, which may take a longer time to get relieved.
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One of the most common problems that the digestive system suffers from is constipation. Though this health problem is not serious in nature, one must know the exact cause in order to get relief from it. One of the major causes of this condition is poor diet. Inadequate fluid intake is also one of the common contributing factors. A person affected by the condition experiences difficulty in evacuation of bowels on account on dry and hard stools. Individuals from all age groups suffer from this condition.

Symptoms in Children
  • Change in the regular diet
  • Withholding the urge to have a bowel movement
  • Allergy to cow's milk or drinking whole milk
  • Prolonged use of antacids or other drugs that may lead to the condition
  • Change in routine like travel, hot weather, etc.
  • A diet lacking in fiber
Children affected by the condition can be treated by practicing timely bowel movements, including fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and by increasing their fluid intake in the form of juices. They must be encouraged to drink plenty of water and advised to follow regular bowel movements.

Symptoms in Toddlers
  • Sudden change of diet from semi-solid to solid food
  • Dehydration due to inadequate water intake
  • Early potty training, that the child may find uncomfortable and tend to avoid
  • Withholding the urge for bowel movements, if the child has experienced painful bowel movements earlier
Toddlers affected by the condition can be treated by including bran in the child's diet and reducing the intake of foods like yogurt, cooked carrots, cheese, and bananas. Including fiber-rich food in their diet along with the use of natural stool softeners might prove beneficial.

Symptoms during Pregnancy
During pregnancy, the body produces high amounts of a hormone called progesterone, which lowers the speed at which food is digested, thereby leading to this condition. A pregnant woman suffering from it will experience the following symptoms.
  • Hard feces
  • Traces of blood in stool
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
In order to prevent this condition, a pregnant woman must avoid foods that cause constipation and follow a proper exercise regimen.

The Relation with Gas Problems
The condition and gas are interconnected and have common causes. Infrequent and difficult evacuation of bowel can make one susceptible to painful hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or flatulence. In order to prevent these problems, avoid eating foods that release gas, and use antacids as a preventive measure.

General Symptoms
  • Hard and dry stools that are small in size
  • Traces of blood in stools
  • Pain in the rectum and difficulty in eliminating stools
  • Loss of appetite and feeling of bloating
  • Improper bowel movements (fewer than three bowel movements in a week)
  • Lower abdominal pain followed by cramps in the stomach
  • Nausea and vomiting
One must remember that the condition is not a disease but a symptom, and there are several ways to cure it. If one is affected by the condition, in spite of following remedies and drug therapy, it would be advisable to consult your general practitioner, who would help diagnose the actual problem and give the correct medication.

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