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These are the Best Solutions on How to Stop Bedwetting

How to Stop Bedwetting
Bedwetting is an issue that many toddlers face. Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem, which not only stop bedwetting, but also help in building your child's self-esteem.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis is a common cause of concern among parents. It refers to the involuntary urination while sleeping amongst children, who are expected to have control over their bladders. Girls normally remain dry by the time they reach the age of 6 and for boys, the age limit extends to 7. However, problem may persists till the age of 10. In pediatric-health problem, they emphasize that bedwetting is caused due to developmental delay and not because of psychological problems.
Your child is not the only one suffering from this problem. There are many kids who do, and teenagers as well. To add to the list of such patients, there are a minor number of adults too, who suffer from this condition as well. There is no harm in consulting a doctor to know how to stop bedwetting, but there is no reason to get paranoid.
Causes of Bedwetting
It might happen due to sleep disorders. Usually a genetic one, the problem can be from either of the family sides. This condition arises because, when the urinary track is full it tries to send signals to the brain. The brain does not respond properly and urination occurs. Due to bedwetting, the bladder loses its elasticity and also results the loose sphincter muscle, which is responsible for holding urine inside. The sphincter muscle which does not register, the instruction to retain the urine inside, results in loss of sensitivity of the same muscle for a period of time.
Remedial Measures
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Bedwetting Alarms
Such alarms are a good solution to treat the problem. The alarms come in various forms such as wearable alarms, wireless alarms, pad alarms with ring when the individual urinates. The moisture sensor begins to ring as the child begins to urinate. This way it wakes up the child, making him conscious of the nature's call. You can also set the clock alarm post 3-4 hours of sleep at night.
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Identify Sleep Disorder
Bedwetting is often a cause of sleep disorder. Sleep apnea or irregular breathing patterns during sleep due to obstruction of inhalation of air from nose and mouth to the lungs. The other symptom of identifying sleep apnea is restless sleep and open mouth breathing. There are full face masks available for treating sleep apnea, which might be the cause for concern. Do not make a home diagnosis of it, consult a doctor before you try anything.
Treating Urinary Infections
Urinary infections are also connected to this problem and about 5% cases suffer from bedwetting. Hence, treating the urinary tract infection through antibiotics or other suggested treatments is essential.
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Blocking Psychological Blocks
Bullying at school and among friends, creates a fear in the child's mind. Bedwetting caused due to psychological fears is considered to be a cause of psychological disorder. Believe your child, when he tells you about the school or his friends and some psychiatric therapy would help too.
There is very much a possibility that kids wetting the bed may be due to a combination of the aforementioned reasons. The first step towards solving the problem is believing in and supporting your child.