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Pain in Right Arm and Shoulder

Pain in right arm and shoulder is a symptom pointing to a particular condition. It is important to diagnose the condition, to prevent it from further aggravating.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
If the pain in arm and shoulder is due to a muscle strain and pain, then with some rest and home care measures it can be gotten rid of. However, if you have been suffering from right arm pain and shoulder pain for a long time, then it is imperative you contact a doctor to find out the cause behind the condition, to seek appropriate treatment.
Possible Causes of Pain
Bursitis is inflammation of a fluid filled sac (bursa), that lies between tendon and bone or between tendon and skin. This condition can cause considerable pain in the form of right shoulder pain and right arm pain.
Another condition which causes shoulder pain, is frozen shoulder syndrome where tendons, muscles and ligaments present in the shoulder are stiffened. This makes it painful for the shoulder and arm to move.
Overuse or a certain injury, can cause the nearby tendons to become inflamed. Sharp pain in shoulder and arm can occur when tendons that are connected to the bicep muscles of your arm become inflamed.
Another disorder which can cause right shoulder and arm pain, is carpal tunnel syndrome. The primary symptoms of this condition is pain in the wrist, which leads finally to pain and weakness in shoulder and arm.
Rotator cuff is a type of tendinitis, which is a common condition that leads to shoulder pain. In this condition there is inflammation of the tendons which are present in the shoulder. This leads to pain, that becomes worse at night.
A condition that occurs due to physical trauma called thoracic outlet syndrome, can cause arm and shoulder pain, which can even lead to numbness of these areas.
Common sprains and strains are a common reason which can cause mild to severe pain in the right arm and shoulder pain. Incorrect posture is a common reason, when sitting in front of the computer for long can cause pain under right shoulder blade.
One can also experience shoulder pain due to a fracture. In children the fracture in shoulder region happens in the clavicle, while in adults it is mostly in the upper part of the arm. Similarly, a dislocated shoulder can also lead to the pain.
Another reason for shoulder and arm pain can be arthritis. In arthritis, there is a gradual decline of the protective cartilage and narrowing of the joints.
A primary symptom of heart attack is pain in the neck, arms and shoulders. This is irrespective of the pain being on the left or right side. Along with these symptoms a person experiences pressure in chest, shortness of breath and sweating.
The treatment differs according to the cause. Hence, contact a doctor to figure out the condition behind the pain. However, for strains and pains you can use the mentioned below home care measures.
Home Remedies
  • Rest - It is important that you give the affected arm and shoulder as much rest as possible.
  • Take a Break - You should take a break from school or work, and protect and rest the affected area till the pain fades away. Many times just letting the shoulder and arm rest, can help in quick recovery.
  • Painkiller - For relief from pain, you can use an over-the-counter painkiller.
  • Ice Compress - You can apply an ice compress 3 times a day to the affected region for 15-20 minutes. This will reduce the pain and swelling.
  • Elevation - Keep your arm elevated to bring down the swelling. Support it with pillows or some other surface to keep it elevated. You can also use a sling it you want.
When to Seek Medical Care
  • It is important you seek emergency medical help if you are showing heart attack symptoms. Also, seek emergency medical care if you have an obvious deformity or a protruding bone injury in the shoulder or arm region.
  • Seek immediate medical help if you have severe pain and swelling or have difficulty moving your arm/shoulder in the normal motion. If your shoulder, arm, or back pain occurs without any exertion and goes away with rest then also see a doctor right away. Another condition which calls for immediate medical help is when you hear a sudden snap or cracking sound during a shoulder/arm injury.
  • If your symptoms of lower or upper right arm pain and shoulder pain become worse, or don't get better within a week of using the above home care measures then contact a doctor.
Disclaimer:This HealthHearty article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.