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Serrapeptase Dangers

Serrapeptase dangers can arise due to over usage or allergic reactions of this enzyme. In this article, we will be discussing the side effects caused due to this enzyme, along with the benefits of using it...
Marlene Alphonse
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Enzymes are chemicals which help in various body functions. Though the human body produces its own share of enzymes, some of them have to be obtained from external sources. These sources may include plants and animals. One such enzyme that is extracted from silkworms is serrapeptase. This enzyme, also known by its other name serratio peptidase, is extracted from the silkworm's intestine. It can also be found in the saliva of the silkworm and the adult moth. This enzyme is used by the adult moth to break through the cocoon after the process of metamorphosis. Commercially, this enzyme is produced by the process of fermentation.
Once this enzyme was discovered in the 1960s, research proceeded defining the positive effects of serrapeptase on the human body. Scientists in Japan have quoted that this natural enzyme has the reputation of being an analgesic. Though this medicinal supplement was mainly used in Japan, it slowly gained popularity across the globe and is recommended by the doctors. This proteolytic enzyme, also known as protease, is used to break protein molecules and aid in the healing of wounds, cuts and burns. This enzyme supplement is also known by a few other names like serratiapeptase, serrapeptidase and serralysin. After its discovery it is widely used to treat a number of ailments. This supplement is available in medical stores in the form of tablets and pills.
Serrapeptase Side Effects
Though including serrapeptase has many benefits on the health, there are also a few dangers, which should not be overlooked. The side effects may be mild in nature and hardly noticeable, going away after a period of time. Mentioned below are some of the ill effects of this enzyme on the body, caused due to an improper dosage.
  • Some individuals may experience skin rash as a result of allergic reaction. It may also lead to swelling and itching in the area of the rash.
  • In some cases, some potential serrapeptase dangers can be seen as signs of dermatitis due to allergic skin reactions.
  • Pneumonitis may also affect some individuals who are allergic to this enzyme. This lung inflammation or minor lung disease may occur when the body does not accept this supplement.
  • Body aches and mild pain in the extremities are also some of the other common complaints related to an overdose. Liver dysfunction may also occur, in very rare instances, but this has very slim chances.
Benefits of Serrapeptase Enzyme
Serrapeptase has many therapeutic properties and is used as a remedy to treat some health disorders. Given below are some of the benefits of using this enzyme.
  • This enzyme supplement is popular for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Daily use of this enzyme supplement is known to relieve headache and back pain. Anti-inflammatory disorders like Crohn's disease, inflammation of the lungs, ulcerative colitis etc. can be treated using this amazing enzyme. It also provides relief from the inflammation of the joints caused due to arthritis.
  • Individuals suffering from sinus infections have been benefited by serrapeptase. It has been known to dissipate sinus pressure and clears the cavities.
  • This enzyme improves circulation of blood by dissolving the dead tissue and plaque that tend to clog the arteries.
  • A regular use of this enzyme can reduce the risk of contracting chronic ear infections by controlling the pressure within the ear.
If you want to avoid these side effects, then consult a health care provider who will guide you accordingly and prescribe the correct dosage. Stay healthy!