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Why do People Become Anorexic

Why do People Become Anorexic

Why do people become anorexic? This question has been haunting the minds of psychiatrists and doctors from long time, many theories have come up around the subject of anorexic but still no definite answer.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Size zero is something that the female fraternity is obsessed with. The skinny look is in because it is the only thing that sells as reported by many fashion experts. But is it right? Is it safe for the long run? Being thin and fit is a good thing, but if looking good 24/7 becomes an obsession then it is something that should be taken care of immediately. Being a fashion model is something that every girl dreams to be. So what's this obsession with being size zero? Why do people become anorexic? One of the most common misconceptions that we have about anorexic people is that, they are too self involved, they give too much importance to themselves and to their looks. I agree, that the urge to become thin is a major reason that drives people to be anorexic. However, there is no definite answer on why people choose this lifestyle. Anorexia is a mix of complex factors of various cultural, psychological, biological and familial causes. What are the reasons that make a person anorexic? Some of them are discussed below.

Why People become Anorexic?

The victims of anorexia nervosa have realized one thing, it is never good to be thin. Despite being dangerously thin, anorexics still believe that they are fat when they look at themselves in the mirror. What they fail to see is a person who has suffered tremendous mental and physical damage that starts from self starvation, which happens due to heavy dieting and over exercise. People who suffer from anorexia often deny suffering from any problem, but the truth is they are suffering from a very dangerous mental and physical disorder which if not treated can lead to death. Recovery is possible with proper medical care and moral support. You have to shower your love and support to the victim, to make sure he/she regains the required health and happiness. Anorexic is more common in women than in men. Most people suffering from eating disorders like anorexic or bulimia nervosa often are victims of horrendous past which never leaves them. They are victims of physical or mental abuse and family problems. Most people in the high-profile fashion industry, have turn anorexic just because they were fat in school and were teased by many. People just don't realize the dangers of being anorexic, they forget that body needs its regular intake of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fats. Yes, the body does need fats for the smooth functioning and development of muscles and nervous tissues. Eliminating proteins and fats from your diet, is just inviting more trouble for yourself and your body. In a severe case of anorexia, it is very important that you follow a healthy diet plan as prescribed by a health nutritionist.

Things that Cause People to Become Anorexic

Anorexia is a very serious eating disorder, where the person eats very little or starves themselves to lose weight and become more thin. There are various reasons and causes on choosing this path.
  • People who have low self-esteem, or are constantly teased by their friends about being obese have higher chances of suffering from anorexia.
  • Women who compete in tough sports like ballet, gymnastics or cheerleading are always under pressure to have perfect and thin bodies. This pressure causes them to not eat for several hours, thus causing them to suffer from various anorexia.
  • Some personal issues like, divorce, break up or death of a certain person can also lead a person to become anorexic. Most teenage girls suffer mental trauma due to the divorce of their parents, in the verge of getting control on their life they start controlling their eating habits which is a stepping stone to being anorexic.
  • Many magazines, sitcoms always emphasize on being thin. Almost everyone wants to be skinny like models and celebrities. People mimic what they see on television and thus start heavy dieting which is never beneficial.
I hope this article on people becoming anorexic was beneficial to you. Never neglect the side effects of being anorexic. If you think that someone close to you is losing weight rapidly and looking pale, it's very necessary to update them about anorexic BMI calculator. Many times anorexia victims will not agree that they are suffering from a problem and suffering in silence can have drastic effects on the mind and body. So it is very necessary to give them the required medical care and support to make sure they lead a life of happiness and contentment.