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Natural Solutions for Underarm Sweating You Wanted Since So Long

Underarm Sweating Solutions
Underarm sweating can get very embarrassing and uncomfortable. And if you suffer from it, then you'll want to know what some effective underarm sweating solutions are. And that is exactly what the following article will help you with.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
All dressed up for the party and ready to go. And might you say so yourself, you're looking pretty good! Everything seems to be working, but you're still skeptical about going. 'Coz you know that in less than an hour you'll be sweating through your shirt and it'll leave very ugly, very noticeable rings in your underarm pockets...This has been happening for as long as you can remember and has been a major deterrent in achieving a successful social life. Your professional life is no different either. And after the last debacle with the client who couldn't stop giving you disgusted looks, you've decided that the underarm sweating problem really has to go. For that though, you need some effective underarm sweating (Axillary hyperhidrosis) solutions, and quick. Exactly those are on the way.
Natural Remedies
Wear loose fitting clothes. This will allow the underarms to breathe better. Donning tight fitting and uncomfortable clothes will cause the area to be constricted and will give rise to more sweat. Proper and effective airing is necessary and that can only come about with loose clothes.
Shave or use any other method to get rid of the hair growth in the underarms. Hair traps water and thereby promotes odor.
There is a direct connection between the kind of food you eat and excessive armpit sweating. Foods like garlic and onion, beverages like coffee or nicotine and other strong-smelled and spicy foods will give rise to excessive sweat that smells, because they raise the body temperature. Maintaining a healthy diet is therefore necessary to avoid this problem. Try a healthy diet for a week and you'll see a distinct change.
Weight Loss
Many times, excess weight is the reason for excessive underarm sweating. This is because being overweight leads to overactive gland functioning and that could be the cause of underarm sweating. Do regular exercises to deal with this problem effectively.
Vinegar Remedy
Take some malt vinegar or apple vinegar and apply the solution to your underarms. Do this before going to bed. Let the vinegar dry naturally. In the morning, simply wash off the area and apply a deodorant. The reason why vinegar combats the odor in the sweat and reduces excessive sweating is because it contains acids which neutralize the odor causing bacteria.
Stress Relief
Many times a stressful situation causes us to sweat excessively. The solution for this is to try to reduce the stress that you are facing. This can be done through some positive mental imagery, where you think of a happy place in your mind. So also trying some relaxation techniques will help.
Aluminum Chloride
This is one of the best solutions to combat excessive sweating. Take 20% of this solution and after ensuring that the armpit area is absolutely dry, apply it after you are in a sleeping position. Then cover with a plastic wrap and tape it in place. Let it stay for the entire night. Be careful not to use it on skin that has been just shaved. If this helps, reduce the dosage every night till it reaches 1% and then use once a week. This works by seeping into the skin and locking the sweat glands.
There are a number of medical remedies that you can make use of. The following are some of the same.
  • Using of the botulinum toxin in small doses, which works by inactivating the nerves responsible for producing sweat.
  • Carrying out a sympathectomy operation which affects the sympathetic nerves that control sweating.
  • Liposuction is used to remove some of the sweat glands from the skin.
  • Surgically removing a layer of the skin (3-4 inches deep) will remove the strongest of the sweat glands, thereby providing one of the best sweating solutions.
Excessive sweating is very difficult to deal with. But now that you know what some of the solutions are, you do not have to suffer on this account. Try some of these remedies mentioned above and look forward to a sweat-free life.